Have you ever wanted to travel from the tangled jungles of Teth to the desert lands of Tatooine?

Have you ever wondered which way you’d jump if faced with the choice of becoming a Jedi or turning to the dark side?

You can now square up to the forces of evil or join them should you so wish, in an incredible new novel format being published by Penguin this summer. The unique Decide Your Destiny series allows readers to make choices to determine the direction their
adventure takes. Not only will they decide which page they should turn to next but in an amazing twist, they’ll be able to continue the story online with codes that unlock exclusive content within the official Star Wars site, www.starwars.com/decideyourdestiny [Coming Soon]

For a sneak preview of the Decide Your Destiny site please go to

The series will launch in July with The Way of the Jedi and Tethan Battle Adventure. Both stories will have over 50 choices to make and can be read over and over again as they won’t necessarily end the same way each time!

£5.99 each
Publishing: 2nd July 2009
For ages 6+ years

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nichola.gaskins@uk.penguingroup.com or 020 7010 4398

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Published on: 12:34PM on 27th May 2009