Due to a highly successful campaign in January Which? is launching another direct response campaign this week using a refreshed creative by digital communications agency Lateral. Which? will also be expanding the range of product targets in this campaign.

The previous direct response campaign promoted the benefits of taking Which?’s advice before buying digital cameras, TVs and MP3 players. This new campaign, launching on April 14th, focuses on digital cameras, TVs, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and satellite navigation systems.

The creative encourages the audience to enter a brand name into the banner. A search result is returned stating how many of that brand's products were rated as ‘Best Buys’ following rigorous testing by Which?. The call to action drives the user to the relevant page on the Which? site where they are able to see the names of all the models that Which? has tested. In order to read the detailed product reviews, the user needs to sign up to a one month trial of Which? Online.

The success of the creative is due to the fact they are interactive, engaging and targeted. The attention of the audience is captured at a point of need where they have a clear interest in finding out more about the product they are researching. When the user interacts with the banner (and is exposed to the number of products reviewed), it prompts them to click through to read a review to ensure they make the right purchasing decision, and therefore take a trial subscription.

The primary objective of the campaign is to generate as many trialists as possible to Which?’s premium digital service, Which? Online. Users who interact with the ad but don’t sign up to the Which? Online trial subscription will be retargeted with a different second ad if they return to the relevant page on the aggregator site.

Planning and media buyer PHD Rocket have also increased placements on the sites where the creative performed best in the last campaign, to ensure optimum results the second time around. Key sites for this campaign include aggregators like Ciao, Pricerunner and Kelkoo. Ads will once again be highly targeted to the relevant product buying pages on these sites.

“The mechanism of this direct response campaign proved particularly successful for us, and we are keen to see if we can achieve the same results with a wider range of products tested.” Said Anna Hillier, Head of Online Marketing, Which?


For further information on Lateral please contact:
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Nicola Frame
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Editors Notes:
ABOUT Which?
Which? is an independent consumer organisation that receives no funding from government or companies. The organisation exists to tackle the issues that matter to all consumers. Which? publishes several magazines, (Which?, Holiday Which?, Gardening Which?, Computing Which?, Money Which?), to over 700,000 subscribers, and also sells around 175,000 books a year. These publications help people make the right choice when buying products and services, tell consumers their rights and expose company wrongdoing. Which? also campaigns to stop businesses from ripping off or endangering customers.

Which? Online is its premium online service, giving subscribers full access to www.which.co.uk . The website features hundreds of product reports as well as a whole host of materials and interactive features designed to help consumers.

ABOUT Lateral Net
Lateral http://www.lateral.net
Lateral is one of UK's founding digital agencies. Established in June, 1997, Lateral has evolved itself for the next major shift in the digital marketing space by repositioned itself as a strategic digital marketing agency. Lateral focuses on helping companies engage with online consumers and prosumers in the most effective way possible, helping them build long-term relations with individual consumers and communities. Lateral’s new brand positioning strategies around Consumer Brand Ownership and Consumer Brand Control, which define how customers can engage and win customers in a consumer controlled media world.

Their pioneering expertise and professional approach has attracted recognition both within the new media industry, having been awarded several times for their work, as well as the consumer market as can be seen by their client list which includes: Levi's® Europe, Faber and Faber, Lexus, Little,Brown, Nintendo, and RSPCA.

Published on: 12:00AM on 18th April 2008