- top financial Website plays cupid for woman seeking lifetime investment -

ADVFN, the UK’s number one stocks and shares Website, was the unlikely setting for a leap year marriage proposal.

Lorna Williams from Bath in Somerset chose the busiest financial bulletin boards in the UK to ask boyfriend Neil Jackson to marry her. However Neil, also from Bath, wasn’t the first person to see the proposal - many other ADVFN (www.advfn.com) users offered their congratulations before Neil posted his response onto the site. Luckily for Lorna he did say yes.

Lorna commented: “Well it was the 29th of February and a girl only gets one chance in every four years so I thought I better make the most of it. I couldn't think of a better or more novel place for a proposal.”

“What else would I have said other than yes? She is a truly amazing woman, if a little prone to laying on crazy surprises like this one. Now all we need is Corus to double over the next week so I can afford a ring,” was Neil’s reply on the site.

“We’re used to seeing lively trading and investing discussions on the Bulletin Boards, but love and marriage proposals are new territory even for us. Everyone at ADVFN wishes them the best of luck and a happy and prosperous future,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN.

ADVFN has set up an account for anyone wishing to contribute to the wedding gift fund.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st March 2004