Specialist games services company Babel has opened its first office in North America. Based in San Diego, Babel Media USA Inc. represents an integral part of the company's strategy to deliver services to its customers on a global basis.

Babel's US operation will be directed by co-founder Ben Wibberley, who, upon obtaining documentary approval, is coordinating well-advanced plans for a North American facility to serve the company's console, PC and wireless clients. Wibberley's brief is to grow the office rapidly from the current sales and marketing function to a fully fledged operation encompassing QA, certification, localisation, porting and creative services.

Babel is focused on recruiting leading US industry personnel to manage the facility. San Diego is a natural choice for the company, as it is in the same time zone as many US publishers, as well as being a major centre for the US wireless industry.

"We have high expectations for the new company and committing one of the founders to establish our presence underlines our ambitions in North America. Revenues from the US will grow rapidly, and from conversations with our clients there, it is clear that they are looking to outsource major parts of the production process to cut costs and increase efficiency", said Algy Williams, Managing Director at Babel.

Babel now has offices in Brighton, New Delhi and San Diego. The company employs 140 people worldwide.

Contact Details:

For more information, contact Paul Munford on + 44 1273 764108 or paul.munford@babelmedia.com

Notes To Editors:

Babel is the industry leader in specialist outsourced services for the games and interactive entertainment industry. The company has offices in Brighton, New Delhi and San Diego providing comprehensive games-focused localisation, QA, certification, audio, print and creative services.

Clients include Microsoft, Nintendo, Atari, Vodafone, Activision, Sony, THQ, Disney, iFone, THQ Wireless, Orange, Motorola, Digital Bridges, Eidos, Bandai, Taito, Capcom and Gameloft, Codemasters, SEGA, Eidos and Acclaim.

Published on: 12:00AM on 13th May 2004