Enpocket, the leading mobile solutions provider, introduced two important innovations to interactive TV this week for the new FX Networks reality show Todd TV, which is produced by Endemol USA.

The first is Live Direction, an instant audience interaction tool within the Enpocket Engine. This allows the television production crew to text a question to T-Mobile subscribers, asking them to make immediate decisions that impact on Todd's day-to-day life. Should Todd cut his hair, play volleyball or paint his apartment? Within five minutes of sending questions like these, the crew receives instant poll results, allowing Todd to proceed according to the wishes of the audience. Never before has text messaging influenced the action of a television show in such an immediate, flexible way.

Enpocket's second innovation is Synch-to-TV. During the broadcast of the show, T-Mobile subscribers who opt-in will also receive text messages from Todd synchronized to the TV show. For example Todd may share his private thoughts about meeting his mother for dinner as it is happening on the show.

As well as delivering the Live Direction and Synch-to-TV services, the Enpocket Engine is also providing T-Mobile with a daily picture diary service and SMS text alerts informing the audience of what's happening between shows. All these advanced services are only available to subscribers of T-Mobile, the show's official wireless sponsor.

Elizabeth Sherman, VP of New Media for Endemol USA, said:

"Enpocket's industry-leading mobile messaging technology has made it possible for our field producers to get immediate feedback from the audience. It also gives our viewers a chance to interact with Todd on a much deeper level in ways that are fun. Text messaging is not used on Todd TV as an add-on- it is a key driver of the show."

Jonathon Linner, CEO of Enpocket, said:

"Giving television viewers immediate control over Todd though their mobile phones will not only change the way television is made, but will also transform the viewers' relationship with a program, and the advertisers' relationship with the viewers. Todd TV is an important step because it illustrates how advanced mobile technology can weave television and text together in a compelling way."


About Enpocket:
Enpocket's consumer-driven mobile solutions make marketing more effective. Heart of the offering is the Enpocket Engine, the world's most widely used wireless marketing software. Brain of the system is Enpocket Insight, the richest source of actionable consumer data from campaigns and general mobile usage in the marketplace. Using both, Enpocket Solutions - from advertising to promotions and relationship marketing - optimize relevance and response so that a low cost wireless contact strategy can improve performance across all media channels. Mobile can enhance any marketing program, whether driving sales, developing loyalty or saving costs. To learn more see www.enpocket.com. Enpocket has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, London and Helsinki.

Enpocket clients include: Levi's, Nike, McDonalds, Orange, BBC, Volvo, HSBC, Radiolinja, NHS, Turner, Vodafone, Fox, Honda, Sony, Universal Pictures, Expedia, Sonera Zed, Warner Brothers, T-Mobile, Cadbury's, Coca-Cola, P&G, JCPenney, KFC, O2, Doritos, Mobileway, HP, Fidelity, GM, CompUSA and Mastercard.

About Todd TV:
Todd TV is produced by Endemol U.S.A, the leading producer of television programming specializing in reality and non-scripted genres for network and cable television. Endemol USA is a division of Endemol Holding, a prominent international content developer, producer and distributor of television and online programming. David Goldberg is President of Endemol USA. The series is executive produced by John DeMol and Tom Forman.

About FX Networks:
FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network from Fox. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 82 million homes. The diverse schedule includes a growing roster of distinctive original series and movies; an impressive roster of acquired hit series; an established film library with box-office hits from 20th Century Fox; and marquee sports such as NASCAR. For more information about FX, visit our web site at www.Fxnetworks.com.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd January 2004