-- 10th November 2006 --


London, United Kingdom – 10th November 2006 – A new service has been launched to combat declining literacy in the UK – books that can be downloaded onto mobile phones.

In Britain, 5 million adults cannot read, and 15 million - almost half the workforce - are not sufficiently numerate. Poor basic skills cost the country £10bn a year in lost productivity and welfare benefits. Britain lags 24th out of 30 developed countries for the proportion of youngsters staying in education after 16. (Source: Guardian Unlimited, 15/6/06)

The new service hopes to encourage people, particularly children, to read books on their mobile phone and the makers are pumping profits back into a charity aimed at improving literacy in both children and adults.

Called ICUE (pronounced ‘IQ’) , the system makes thousands of books, from classics to new releases, available to download to your phone. It uses space-age technology to make reading interesting and efficient by including a new technique which flashes words one-at-a-time, at speed, on the phone screen.

The excitement surrounding this technology has encouraged Celebrity PR Guru, Kizzi Nkwocha, to choose this system to launch his own book, Heavens Fire.

Nkwocha said, “When I first heard about ICUE, I quickly realized the incredible impact that this technology could have on children and I wanted to be part of it. I have a son myself and know how difficult it can be to get them away from their Games systems or texting their friends and into the library. ICUE works because kids already spend most of their day playing with their phone and reading books is a natural extension to that activity.”

The service was developed in London and ICUE’s Managing Director, Jane Tappuni, added, “We’re working closely with schools and colleges to promote syllabus books to their students and the reception from teachers has been encouraging. The charity will be formed to promote literacy to children and adults by making reading available in unusual ways and by allowing it to fit into a lifestyle not making a lifestyle change.”

You can download Heavens Fire to your mobile for £3.00 by texting “kizzi” to 64888.

You can find out much more about ICUE on the company website located at: or simply get a free trial to your phone by texting “freebook” to 64888 from a UK mobile phone.

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This release was issued by PEPPERMINT M, a marketing company specialising in the mobile entertainment, toy, video games and licensing sectors.

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-- About I-Cue Ltd --

ICUE has partnerships with many of the UKs largest publishing houses including Harper Collins, Pan Macmillan, Pearson, Simon and Schuster, Egmont, Transworld, A&C Black & Kogan Page.

These partnerships provide ICUE users with access to books from diverse writers such as Philip Pulman, Julie Burchill, Cary Cooper and Charles Dickens.

Funds from the sale of books are split between the publishers, mobile network suppliers, and ICUE.

ICUE is a private business co-owned by senior management and Benchmark Capital, a UK-based venture capitalist firm. Part of the profits from the business will be used to fund charities that focus on improving reading skills amongst UK teenagers and adults.

-- About Heavens Fire --

Heavens Fire is an adventure novel unravelling the 3,000-year-old mystery of the lost scripture of Enoch, Noah’s great grandfather.

One of the earliest scriptures every recorded, the Testament of Enoch chronicled how, thousands of years before Christ, Man’s fate was dramatically changed by the sudden appearance of benevolent alien beings called The Watchers. According to The Bible, Enoch wrote 366 scriptures. All of which had been discovered. Except for one.

Oxford University professor Donald Bryan and NSA agent Fae Winters are in a race against time to find the lost scripture of Enoch before its secret falls into the hands of fanatical religious faction, the Free Radicals, or the ultra secret, ultra powerful Skull and Bones. In a puzzle solving, heart stopping, globe trotting adventure Heavens Fire blends fact and fiction into a roller coaster ride which forces the reader to question everything they think know about the world around us.

From the true identity of Christ to the dark secrets behind IBM, Coca Cola, Microsoft and US President George Bush’s political dynasty. Heavens Fire raises the question: is there any truth? The answer: Those who know don't care and those who care, don't know.

-- About Author Kizzi Nkwocha --

About Nkwocha: Kizzi Nkwocha is a former journalist and widely respected public relations consultant. As a publicist he was voted by The Voice newspaper one of the 100 most influential black people in the United Kingdom. He has been the subject of a television documentary on publicity and even featured as a character in the fictional novel, No Glove No Love. His clients have ranged from mistresses of President Clinton to the King of Uganda.

The married father spent twelve years working in newspapers and magazines in the UK. For the past five years Nkwocha has lived on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus where he presented TV and radio shows while researching material for Heavens Fire.

Nkwocha is a first time author although he has edited several newspapers and magazines. His hobbies include biblical lore and military history. He is currently working on his second novel, The Second Son.

Published on: 12:00AM on 10th November 2006