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ADVFN is enabling its users to view the number of shares on loan for FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 securities in CREST.

By visiting www.advfn.com, private investors can see how much of a particular stock is in CREST - the Central Securities Depository for the UK market and Irish equities -and how much of it has been lent. This information can help determine the extent of ‘shorting’[1] on a stock, making it invaluable to traders.

The data is available by clicking the ‘Crest’ tab on the ADVFN homepage. From here users can view a table containing a stock’s ISIN number, epic and security category and significantly columns showing the number of that stock on loan and the number in CREST. They are also able to see these figures analysed as a percentage so they can clearly distinguish and compare the degree of stock lending on FTSE 350 securities. The greater transparency afforded helps reveal the story behind the share price and potentially the implications of short positions on future prices.

Stock loan transactions can concern numerous different activities:

Short selling
Fails management
Dividend arbitrage
Equity financing

“Today’s private investors are not afraid to use different trading strategies and are confident in going both long and short. The ability to view data on short selling is invaluable for gaining insight into the inner workings of the stock market,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN. “We are continually striving to level the playing field for the private investor and this is yet another significant step forward,” he continued.

This information will also be available when requesting a stock quote and users will also be able to view historical charts based on the loan data.


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[1] The selling of a security that the seller doesn’t own


Published on: 12:00AM on 14th January 2004