has gained long-term readers as a result of signing up celebrities to take over its Twitter account, according to deputy editor Charlotte Duck.

Most recently the magazine enlisted Twilight star Robert Pattinson to take over the reins ahead of the UK premiere of the fifth movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – part 2.

On announcing the take over, Glamour’s following increased by more than 5,000 and the publisher received thousands of questions from fans ahead of the event. During his 15 minutes in the Glamour spotlight there were 716 interactions and the hashtag #GlamourRob trended worldwide.

Duck (pictured left) reckons the impact of star take-overs such as this drives traffic to in three ways.

As illustrated above, the brand sees a sharp increase in followers as the star’s fans sign up, but she said, “These followers tend to continue following us even once the Twitter Q&A is over so it’s a great way of gaining long-term followers, who continue to click on our content and come to the website.”

Additionally, she said, “Twitter Q&As are incredibly viral: people following us re-tweet interesting answers for their followers, building the Glamour brand and again encouraging more followers.

“[Plus], we always create a gallery of the entire Q&A, which we post on Twitter and which we ask other media to link to if they use any of our quotes. The Daily Mail, Digital Spy, Perez Hilton and the Metro regularly pick up stories from our Twitter Q&As.”

At present around 30% of Glamour’s traffic comes via social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which editor Natasha McNamara (pictured right) said helps to provide valuable audience insight.

She said, “Aside from all the obvious stats (age, location, etc) we get a good feel for who our audience is and what they want from our social platforms. It’s always been about experimenting, trial and error.”

McNamara is currently assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the various social platforms Glamour uses to identify which ones work and how best they should be used.

For example she said, “People look to Twitter for the absolute latest on any topic and have come to trust it as a source. This alongside the Glamour voice we have developed on Twitter means it’s a valuable tool for the team here. Twitter in return supplies us with real-time data on just about everything, as well as reporting trending topics, which we follow closely (especially if we’re one of them).”

Glamour’s traffic hit the 1.5m unique user mark in October with around 30-40% of that traffic coming via mobile devices.


Published 27 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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