Nokia is relying on social media to amplify its experiential marketing activity as it aims to promote its Lumia range of devices and wrest back market share in the lucrative smartphone market.

The Finnish manufacturer last night hosted a live music and lightshow experience with Deadmau5 dubbed ‘This is Lumia’ just off London’s South Bank with the event live-streamed online, see video here.

Similar to an event last year, Nokia held the night along with advertising agency Mission and is now encouraging attendees of last night’s extravaganza to share their experiences online ( 15 Nov 2011).

Conor Pierce, Nokia VP Western Europe, pictured below, told new media age the company decided to repeat the event with the launch of the Lumia 820 and 920, its first to run on the Windows Phone 8 OS, to showcase the devices’ capabilities ( Sep 6 2012).

“Last year worked and social media helped play a huge role in building anticipation [for the event]… we want people to share their experiences with their own networks.”

Pierce described the strategy of employing social media as potentially “high risk” because lots of things can go wrong but further went on to add that “every day social media is becoming more important” to Nokia’s marketing strategy.

He also went on to add that this was reflective of a change not only in Nokia’s marketing strategy, but in the company overall.

“Let’s be realistic, there’s lots of work to be done [in terms of gaining market share in the smartphone sector] and there’s been a huge change in the culture of the company as well as our marketing strategy,” he said.

“That’s why we’re using words like ‘listening to you’ and ‘empathy.’ We’re humble enough to know that’s what we have to do.”

Nico Sarti, interactive manager at Mission, said, “Social is key to the success of this project. Not least because of the online chatter and anticipation following last year’s show at Millbank. While it is absolutely fantastic that we were able to host so many fans, journalists, bloggers and Nokia staff at the live show - ultimately, it is the broader audience around the UK and rest of world that watched the live stream and the legacy video on Youtube that deem the project a success. Whilst deadmau5 is absolutely spot on for the brand, he also uses social to great effect.”

Nokia’s Pierce also went on to say that he expected the Lumia range’s differentiation, in terms of the operating system the devices use as well as their appearance, to appeal to customers.

“Windows Phone 8 takes the platform to a new level and you see things like their wireless charging technology and we think that’s going to add to excitement [to the marketing campaign of its third and fourth Lumia device models],” he said.

“A lot of people are looking for change… you go into a phone store and you see a lot of them have the same look, our devices have vibrant colours and some of the best technology,” added Pierce.  


Published 29 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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