Over three quarters (76%) of people start watching TV shows after seeing positive tweets about them, according to Twitter’s head of TV partnerships Dan Biddle.

Speaking at the Future TV Advertising forum in London today, Biddle said Twitter is no longer a social network but an information network, being increasingly used as a TV guide.

“Twitter is being used as a TV guide - it’s like a bat signal. There are huge peaks of traffic around TV shows with 40% of all tweets related to TV shows… and 76% are prompted to start watching a show after seeing positive comments on Twitter about it,” he said.

This can be amplified further and “cemented” by TV shows with the effective use of the hashtag. “This [hashtag] is like a camp fire - it’s where everyone is at in terms of public conversation,” he said, adding that major Twitter spikes are always around hashtags and therefore this is where advertiser call-to-actions should be timed.

“Twitter is the crowd noise or cheer of the TV show. Imagine watching a football match with the sound of the fans’ cheering muted - it would be a very dull, dry experience,” he said.

Bringing in celebrities to tweet for certain campaigns and shows is an excellent way to drum up further engagement and spikes. “Make sure you are using the same hashtags as the talent though, you would be surprised that that doesn’t always happen because it’s an after thought,” he added.


Published 29 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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