By James Grant, country manager, Vindico UK

The build up to Christmas has begun with mince pies, a well-known coffee brand’s red cups and the Oxford Street lights blazing a trail through the centre of London. However, I can’t help feeling that Christmas could be more prevalent within the industry, especially with regard to interactive video opportunities that build on their simultaneous festive TV campaigns.

TV takes on another dimension at Christmas and advertising is a huge part of that. As we all know, what works well on TV doesn’t always translate well to video. Repurposing your TV creative into your video campaign runs the risk of missing out on the opportunity to capitalise on the reach of TV by adding a layer of engagement with video.

So, how difficult are formats to execute and are there any emerging guidelines that can be applied at the planning stage? You essentially have two options for creating formats on your campaign:

* Build them out direct with individual publishers to their custom product.

* Create one format campaign with your video ad-server that you can execute across all VPAID publishers on your schedule and report back on all campaign metrics.

There are also several key guidelines to consider when adding layers to video. We’ve outlined the main ones below:

1. Make sure you have a clear call to action: It’s amazing how many campaigns ask for 100% view-through, but also a call to action for posting a link on Twitter, or Like on Facebook. Clearly one negates the other when you think it through so make sure your call to action is clear and works within the brand messaging - if necessary you can have two format options run side-by- side.

2. Think about execution and in particular player size - when it comes to text in particular, size is everything.

3. Location, location, location: Adding formats to video in-banner placements or against news content may not have the desired effect. You need to think about the user experience around the content AND the format if you want to offer a genuine engagement opportunity.

4. Think about engagement: Forget industry standard metrics such as CTR and let the user perform the action within the format itself – whether signing up for info, coupons or just ‘Like’ing. They turned up to watch content after all so don’t try and ‘tempt’ them to spend an afternoon on a brand website, typically they want to engage with one element and go back to their content.


Published 30 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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