Lever Brothers is promoting its new Persil Revive dry-cleaning product with interactive adverts on Sky Digital and ntl.

Lever Brothers is promoting its new Persil Revive home dry-cleaning product with an interactive adverts on Sky Digital and ntl. The campaign aims to promote awareness of the product, distribute free samples and also gather data about potential users.

The iDTV ad was created by the digital agency Modem Media, and uses the format of a linear ad in the broadcast stream, with a call-to-action icon in the top-left hand corner. Clicking on the remote control takes the viewer into Persil Revive's microsite. It will run on both ntl and Sky's Open platforms.

"The main objective of the campaign is to get people aware and interested in the product," says Simon Jefferson, account director on the project for Modem Media. "We know it's a complex product for people to understand."

Persil Revive is positioned as a product for use on non-washable clothes in between dry-cleaning. Stains and marks on clothes should be wiped with the Revive sheet and then the garment put in the tumble dryer with the sheet for 30 minutes.

Aimed predominantly at busy women aged between 25 and 54 the advent for Persil Revive is a 60 second animation based on the Cinderella fairy tale. In this case, Cindy Ella is getting ready for a night out to see the popstar Bobby Billions, but her Ugly Flatmates have dirtied her dress with stains and cigarette smoke. Time for the fairy godmother, Persil Revive, to come to the rescue, cleaning the dress, and helping Cindy to get to the concert on time.

The interactive part of the ad, carried on Open and ntl, sits behind the advert on a microsite. The viewer is asked simple questions relating to the advert and the product -- such as what Cindy should do to clean her dress, how the dress is being Revived, and how long this process will take.

After answering these questions and then filling in a brief information form about themselves, viewers are entered into a prize draw for a choice of a Hotpoint tumble dryer or a tailor-made outfit. There are also 50,000 free samples of Persil Revive to give away.

The campaign started in mid-January and is scheduled to run over four weeks.The campaign follws Procter & Gambles foray into interactive TV with their Pantene hair product. Many regard this as the most succesful of the intercative ad rollouts up until this point in time.

The Persil Revive ad follows a very similar format with the free samples being driven from a microsite Lever Brothers was one of the first companies to move into interactive TV and last year created the award winning "Truely Sensitive Show which was also developed by Modem Media.


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