Victoria Real, creator of C4's Big Brother Web site, has teamed up with music and comedy channel Play, to provide exlusive content to

Victoria Real, the creator of Channel 4's Big Brother Web site, has teamed up with music and comedy channel Play, to provide exlusive content to

The content includes streaming video, animated shorts, live celebrity chat shows, interviews and comedy sketches. Names such as musicians Moby, Ronan Keating, Kylie Minogue and comedian Mackanzie Crook (also known as Charlie Cheese and Mr Bagshaw) appear on the site.

Animations include The Short and Tragic Tale of the Boy Who Sweated Washing-Up Liquid, narrated by George Dawes actor Matt Lucas, and Bird on a Wire featuring the voices of comedians Dan Antipolski and Karen Taylor.

Planned work includes: The Cockney Doctors, Jamie Oliver Twist and Keeping it Rea, with Chris Rea."

Victoria Real entered into a three phase contract with Play UK to create the site, and at the end of January handed over site operation to the company's in-house department. The company plans to return later in the year to complete the third phase, which is likely to include e-commerce functionality.

Nick Eakhurst, a producer at Victoria Real, says of the project: "We're implementing graphical changes on the site and technical stuff. We're also providing comment to the site."

Play UK, which is owned by the BBC and Flextech Telewest, is currently looking at licensing further content from other parties and the possibility of sponsorship deals. However, its associations give it access to content from the BBC.

"Essentially the site's the same now as when it went live on 6 November," says Eakhurst. "The third phase is a move towards personalisation and e-commerce, and possibly some new technology, but I can't really say for sure at the moment."

Aimed at what Eakhurst calls the "PlayStation generation", the site focuses on providing content for an audience aged from late teens to early 30s, but due to legal problems regarding worldwide distribution and artists rights, is unable to offer live streaming music.


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