YouTube ordered to remove World Cup clips

Cricket's governing body has ordered YouTube to remove clips from the Cricket World Cup, claiming copyright infringement.

The International Cricket Council told parent Google it must take down hundreds of clips in order to protect the rights of its commercial broadcasting partners.


Yahoo! adds features for mobile publishers

Yahoo! this morning unveiled new tools that make it easier for publishers to mobilise and monetise their website content.

The Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Services help producers gain prominence for their sites in new mobile search services and allow them to make money from a range of ad formats.


M&S launches new Amazon-powered website

Marks and Spencer has revamped its online retail site with a little help from Amazon, hoping that its new multichannel approach to retailing will increase its online sales.

At the launch of its interim results for 2006/2007, M&S chief executive Stuart Rose said that the company intends to double its online sales from £100m in a short period of time.


Baidu launches Japanese search engine

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a new service in Japan, the first time the service has launched outside of its home market.

Baidu has chosen Japan as the next step because of the high levels of internet penetration in the country, as well as the similarities in language between the two countries.


Extra supply or lack of demand foils PS3 eBay touts

Touts on eBay have been thwarted in their attempts to make a quick buck from people desperately searching for the new Playstation 3, as plenty of the games consoles are available to buy through regular channels.

Based on launches of previous gaming devices, like the PSP and Xbox, touts expected that the demand for Sony’s new machine would soon mean that shops would run out of stock and gamers would turn to eBay.


Amazon kills Statsaholic, but does Jeff know?

Does Jeff Bezos know about this?Statsaholic, the Alexa-powered traffic tool formerly known as Alexaholic, is being systematically crushed by Amazon in a move that is going to create a wave of negative PR for the online retail giant.

Earlier this month Amazon sent a legal warning that forced Alexaholic to drop the Alexa from its name. Fair enough – brands have to look after their trademarks. But now it is preventing Statsaholic from using its API at all.

This is bad news, and sends out a highly ridiculous message to current and prospective users of Amazon Web Services. The message is this: “If you are successful, we can close you down.”

2 comments introduces PPC advertising, the online listings site, is to allow advertisers to use its site on a pay-per-click basis. It will also introduce enhanced banner advertising.

Yell has already signed up a number of well-known brands for the new listings, including American Express motor insurance, Interflora, Swiftcover motor insurance and Hiscox house insurance.


Check your site's stats with Popuri

Popuri is a new site which allows you to quickly look at statistics for any website. It shows the link popularity of a website using rankings from various sources.

Simply type in the site's URL and Popuri will show stats from Google Page Rank, Alexa, and backlinks from Google, Yahoo and


Meta, meta, meta

There is at least one constant in the everflux of Search landscape; the importance of meta tags ebbs and flows. Is 2007 a year where the value of meta tags increases again?


Internet fraud hits one in 10 Brits, accounts for 15% of total fraud

Twelve percent of British internet users fell victim to online fraud last year, with around half of them losing out while shopping according to new research.

Some 2,441 survey respondents to the Internet Safety: The State of the Nation paper reported an average £875 loss in 2006.


Borders goes it alone on the web

Borders Group has announced plans to end its relationship with Amazon and reopen its own e-commerce website early next year.

The move follows a similar decision by rival bookseller Waterstone's in 2006, and came as Borders posted losses of $73.6m (£37.5m) for the fourth quarter of last year.


BT launches MySpace for SMEs

BT has launched an online service that helps small businesses use social media tools like blogs and podcasts in their company marketing.

BT Tradespace is pitched as taking "a giant leap forward in digital marketing", encouraging users to "join a fast-growing community of buyers and sellers in your specific business area".

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