Using relevant email to drive revenue

I wanted to share with you a quick summary of the main points of our presentation on “Using email to get relevant and to get incremental revenue” that we gave at eCommerce Expo last week.


MySpace joins Google's OpenSocial platform

MySpace has joined up with Google for the launch of its OpenSocial platform, which aims to create a common platform for developers to create applications for social networks.

Bebo also joined in with OpenSocial yesterday, while LinkedIn, XING, Friendster and Orkut are already on board. The big question is whether Facebook will decide to join Google's initiative.


Hitwise looks at the Dragons' Den effect

Hitwise’s Robin Goad has published a few interesting thoughts on the overall ‘Dragons’ Den effect’ – the sales and publicity entrepreneurs can generate from the show, ignoring whether they get funding or not.

Taking the example of Sarah Lu’s Youdoo Doll, featured a couple of weeks ago, Robin says traffic to the company’s homepage peaked the day after the programme was aired (although Robin hasn't released any absolute numbers).

He says a lot of visitors weren’t just there out of curiousity – almost half (48%) went on to Google Checkout after leaving the site, “presumably to make, or at least contemplate, a purchase”.


Life without MySpace

The recent redesign and introduction of 3rd party apps may be too little too late for MySpace as many users have jumped ship, including me.

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Inbox overload - exploding the myth

Are we overloading our customers’ in boxes? How many is too many?

Dela Quist sheds light on the question of inbox overload and offers encouragement to email marketers who make an effort to ensure the emails they send are timely and relevant.

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PayPerPost goes undercover, becomes 'IZEA'

PayPerPost , the oft-criticised web PR company, is set to change its name to sound a bit less like it came from The Ronseal Book of Marketing.

IZEA, its choice of a new brand, will sit above the company’s various services, including its network of bloggers that write paid testimonials / articles for advertiser dollars, often without any kind of disclosure.


Friends Reunited drops subscription model

ITV has reportedly decided to drop subscription charges for users of Friends Reunited in an attempt to turn around the site's fortunes.


Microsoft releases web analytics tool in beta

Microsoft's new web analytics tool, codenamed Project Gatineau, has been released in private beta - but not yet for sites in the UK. 


Two terrible tales of tracking terror!

It's Halloween and time for two true tales of tracking that went terribly wrong.

The scariest part of these cautionary stories is that either one could so easily happen again.


Web 2.0 is 'rubbish', claims NUJ new media rep

Roy Greenslade, who appears to be my favourite blogger du jour, sparked a furore last week after deciding to quit the NUJ after 30 years of membership, a move which makes even more sense once you digest what the NUJ thinks about ‘Web 2.0’.

The National Union of Journalists’ magazine – which I don’t subscribe to, before you get the wrong impression - has a bizarre article in this month’s issue called ‘Web 2.0 Is Rubbish’.


Saga launches silver surfers' social network

Travel group Saga has launched a social network aimed exclusively at the over 50s.

SagaZone, as it is called, features profile pages, forums and blogs for its members.

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Google launches cross-network development tools

Google has thrown down the gauntlet to Facebook with plans to compete with the social network’s hugely popular software development platform.

The devilishly cunning but widely expected move - coming just a few days after Facebook’s strategic partnership with Microsoft - will see the online ad giant allowing developers to build apps and syndicate them across different social media sites.

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