Content optimisation - acquisitions a go-go

On-site content optimisation has hit the headlines a couple of times over the past weeks.

With two US competitors to our multivariate testing solution being acquired, the shape of this market has changed considerably.

Organisations from outside our space are taking a keen interest in optimisation and seeing us as a complementary value added solution.

Young people 'prefer internet to TV'

Young people are now spending 10% more time online than in front of the box, according to a survey of European internet usage.

The European Interactive Advertising Association's Mediascope survey also found growing web usage among silver surfers and women (12% and 8% respectively) compared to last year.

Interview: Jim Sterne, president of the Web Analytics Association

Jim Sterne is the president of the Web Analytics Association and producer of the eMetrics Summits. We asked him a few questions about the state of the industry and how companies could be making better use of their analytics data.

One in 10 will pay to remove YouTube ads

YouTube and its challengers may be able to earn subscription revenues, if the findings of a new IBM report are accurate.

The study found that the TiVo generation is officially online, with 11% of respondents happy to pay 'a little' to remove all advertising from videos.

Consider the numbers: Google-owned YouTube pulls in something like 50m unique users a month; let's assume it can charge 'a little', a couple of dollars a month maybe - let's round it up to $24.99 a year for a 'premium user' service. Now let's assume that 11% of users sign up. That's a revenue stream worth $137m annually...

12 tips for Xmas email campaigns

Tink Taylor of dotMailer  has compiled a checklist of 12 tips for 'Effective Email Marketing this Xmas' - all of which look like good things to think about at any point in the year.

We list them after the jump...

Employers clamping down on social network use

Employers are becoming increasingly strict in dealing with social network and web use at work, according to this article in The Guardian .

Over 1700 public sector employees have apparently been disciplined for 'internet abuse' in the past three years, while unions are reporting a greater number of disputes between workers and their bosses.

Dave and Goliath - the battle for TV audiences

Anyone who has walked down Great Portland Street in London in the past week will have probably noticed the huge ad covering the Virgin Media offices for the new TV digital channel “Dave”.

But can the self-proclaimed 'Home of witty banter' really compete against the Goliath that is online video streaming for the share of viewers' attention?

Search industry needs to adapt

A few years ago, managing your search campaign was straightforward. Using a standard bid management solution and buying a few thousand keywords delivered a very effective ROI to meet clients’ objectives.

As the industry grew and CPC prices increased (success grew demand) SEMs had to find new and innovative ways to keep their campaign results buoyant, often by adding a few hundred thousand additional keywords to offset rising costs (often cited as ‘the long tail’).

As the search landscape becomes more opaque and bid management tools in their purest sense have died (since bid to position no longer exists), search campaign management is now experiencing a period of limbo.

Etailers set for £40bn windfall - research

Online retailers are set to generate over £40bn in UK sales this year, according to new figures.

The data, totted up from the Office for National Statistics’ retail spending numbers and published by USwitch, points to increased broadband uptake as the main reason behind the windfall.

Major retailers in Xbox price mishap

Supemarket giant Tesco made a pricing cock-up on its website yesterday, offering an Xbox 360 bundle, normally priced at around £350, for just £33.

Quite the bargain, but rather weird when you consider that Virgin and Woolworths both replicated the exact same mistake...

B2B journalists turn to blogs for info

The NUJ may think that Web 2.0 is "rubbish ", but B2B journalists are increasingly turning to blogs and other forms of online media for information and ideas, according to a new survey.

It found that 80% would use blogs as primary or secondary sources, while many use podcasts and RSS feeds for inspiration.

Radiohead savage comScore’s “wholly inaccurate” figures

Post-rock heavyweights Radiohead are the latest / weirdest critic of panel-based data, having responded to comScore’s claim that less than 40% of ‘In Rainbows’ downloaders paid anything for the album.

The group was roundly applauded when it decided to release its latest album directly via its website, with fans able to name their own price.

The savvy PR infantry at comScore swiftly noticed an opportunity to bag some exposure and subsequently released some data to the media. The findings? Just 38% of fans paid for the record, and the average amount paid was a mere £2.87.

But according to the band, these numbers are rotten...