Deliverability is costing you money

The E-consultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census of over 600 email marketers highlights the real cost of deliverability for the first time - marketers are wasting around 11% of their budget. 

This entry investigates what they can do about it.


Q&A: Bastion Duclaux, CEO of Twenga

Shopping comparison site Twenga started up in the UK just six months ago and claims to already be attracting over 2m monthly unique users.

The site was launched in France in 2006 and has since expanded around Europe, with sites in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and other countries reaching a combined audience of over 9m users a month.

We caught up with Twenga CEO Bastion Duclaux to talk about its growth, as well as what makes his site different from the rest...

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An ad network bubble?

Ad networks have been in vogue. A number of startup ad networks have raised big money over the past year and media companies such as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Forbes have decided to get into the game by launching their own.


Do big brands really need to buy links?

Big brands have been traditionally slow to catch on when it comes to online marketing and quite a lot of them make a mess of it when they finally decide to embrace new strategies.


Efficient Frontier CEO James Beriker on Search

James Beriker is the president and CEO of search technology and marketing group Efficient Frontier.

In a turbulent few weeks for the industry, we asked him about Google’s recent share dive, the prospective Microsoft-Yahoo merger and the agency’s plans to expand into new areas like display advertising, localised search and emerging economies.


Audit checklist - best practice in managing digital channels

What is the best approach for reviewing an organisation's digital marketing strategy to identify ways to improve results from online channels?

This is one of the questions we will answer in the upcoming E-consultancy "Managing Digital Channels" Best Practice Guide.

This post presents ten essential steps to complete a digital channel performance audit and improvement plan audit based on initial interviews with senior e-commerce managers from a range of companies including Bupa, Dell, EDF Energy,, Mercedes Benz, Oxfam, Ted Baker, Thomas Cook, uSwitch and Virgin Atlantic.


The internet and your career path

Digital marketer Steve Rubel has an interesting post entitled "Three Internet Careers That Soon Won't Exist" in which he predicts that social media managers, internet advertising salespeople and digital talent agents will see their jobs disappear as the tasks they perform are "integrated into other roles."


Keeping track of your competition

Most web savvy companies are aware of reputation monitoring and a large number of you probably have Google Alerts set up to report new links or mentions of your company name.

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LinkedIn adds company profiles

LinkedIn has launched another new feature, adding profiles of 160,000 companies to the professional networking site.

E-consultancy LinkedIn profile

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5 ways campaign websites can enhance their online presence

Leon Bailey and Jonathan Hirshler look at how five of the UK’s most popular campaign groups can enhance their online visibility and presence. 


Please wait while the banner loads!

I have just been checking my Yahoo Mail, which kindly displays a skyscraper ad on the right side of the screen.

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These crazy bloggers still think they understand the music business

In an op-ed piece in the New York Times on Saturday, British musician Billy Bragg suggests that social networks like Bebo and MySpace should pay royalties for the music that is made available through their services.