Email marketers doing it for themselves

Software as a Service (SaaS) tools help email marketers look smart by keeping it simple - so long as the techies who designed them understand how their customers  do things.


Breast Cancer Care’s Bertie Bosrédon on charities and new media

Bertie Bosrédon has spent the last two years assembling the new media team at Breast Cancer Care – not an easy task considering budget constraints, competition for staff and the challenge of educating other departments about online marketing.

We spoke to him about the upcoming user-centred redesign of Breast Cancer Care’s website and whether opportunities for charities in social media marketing live up to the hype.

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Why is the Indie's new website strangely familiar?

The Independent has completed a long overdue revamp of its website, placing more of an emphasis on multimedia content.

Independent homepage


When email newsletters become spam

The success of email newsletters rests on a delicate balance between regular communications and flooding your customer’s inbox.

I take a look at HMV’s email marketing efforts, which offer a lot but fail to deliver.

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Qtrax: A case study in blowing a launch

There have been a lot of launch flops in the online world over the years, but the blown launch by widely-hyped online ad-supported music service Qtrax may be the biggest in recent memory.

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Do you really need a content management system?

Poorly designed content management systems (CMSs) can cause more problems for your website than any other single factor.

Your choice of CMS is therefore one of the most important decisions you can make.

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Dewmocracy - a branded property that makes sense

Brands have increasingly been creating their own consumer-oriented online properties to promote their brands while building a deeper connection with consumers.

From Wal-Mart's failed social network to Coke's virtual world, I've often wondered if brands haven't been a little to eager to jump on the hype train before asking themselves: "Where exactly are we going?"


'To blog badly is better than not to blog at all'. Discuss...

“What we need is a blog”. The six words calculated to strike doom into my heart.

As web managers worry increasingly about not being ‘2.0 enough’, I hear this more and more…


SEO strategy for new websites

Starting a new company is extremely hard, which is probably why most businesses fail within the first couple of years.

Challenges such as marketing and hiring the right staff are some of the major issues that even good managers struggle with.


The Web Week in Review

Every Friday, I'll provide a roundup of the week's stories that I find to be most interesting and relevant.

With some of the world's top business leaders, politicians and intellectuals busy mingling at Davos, it's not surprising that some of this week's most noteworthy news dealt with Big Media, Big Technology and Big Recession.


Are you breaking Google's rules?

Do you know whether your website is within the Google Guidelines ? When was the last time you checked your outgoing and incoming links? Do you know exactly what your SEO company is doing?


Email Suicide – emailing the ‘emotionally unsubscribed’

To keep emailing those individuals now being labelled 'emotionally unsubscribed' may be enticing on the basis that one day they may be in the buying window... but it may also be very dangerous.