Should bloggers be considered members of the "press"?

Recently, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch lambasted the CEO of online music startup TuneCore, Jeff Price, for refusing to provide one of his interns, Peter, with information about his company's funding.

I criticized Arrington for what I saw as an unnecessary use of his "podium" to disparage Price when he had no legitimate reason to do so.


America's most innovative company - digitizing experience

What's the secret sauce of - one of the US' most innovative small companies? Inc. Magazine says it best: The Customer Is the Company.


Q&A:’s Jonathan Wall on e-commerce

Jonathan Wall is the marketing director at, the online technology retailer bought by BT in 2006.

Here, we ask him about the company’s latest efforts around acquisition, conversion and retention, including a current project to digitise its print catalogues.

He also gives us some interesting thoughts on cashback affiliates and shopping comparison sites, as well as the good stuff IT manufacturers are doing to support retailers like Dabs.


What in-store retailing can teach us about how to sell better online

I recently attended an event in Amsterdam which gathered together senior etailers from across Europe (kindly sponsored by Fredhopper – I owe them at least that plug…).

For me the most fascinating talk was by the VP Merchandising & Buying at a major European multi-channel retailer. It reminded me just how much we still have to learn about how online selling works, and how much we can apply from offline.


Bubble 1.0 survivor Tickle can't survive Bubble 2.0

Tickle, a " leading interpersonal media company, providing self-discovery, and social networking services to more than 17 million active members in its community worldwide ," has an interesting history.

Founded in 1999, it survived Bubble 1.0, turned a profit in 2002 and was acquired by Monster in 2004 for a combination of cash, stock and earn-outs.

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Who pays the price for poor usability? For air tickets online it could be you!

Booking flights online can be tricky and mistakes are common due to poor usability.   

Apparently, however, many airlines are unwilling to refund these user errors or learn lessons from them.


Is your search marketing campaign legal any more?

On the 26th of May there was an update to The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act.

There's certainly been coverage of the Act on the likes of the BBC but the focus has been on buzz marketing. Search marketing campaigns could be affected as well.


Behavioural email – is it just online ‘ambulance chasing’?

“We are not ambulance chasers, people leave our stores empty handed every day and we don’t feel the need to beg them to come back so why should online be any different?”

If anyone takes the time to read these words, I would love your feedback. RedEye has a series of clients that make a hell of a lot of money and ROI from behaviourally targeted and automated emails.

But we were blown away recently when a prospect said that they would never do trigger emails or basket abandonment work because they perceived it as the e-marketing equivalent of ‘ambulance chasing’!? Ouch!!


Has fallen victim to the demands of a record label?

In a past post, I discussed the fact that record labels are increasingly demanding an "arm and a leg" for the rights to their music catalogs.


Is Bebo really worth eight Virgin Radios?

As Drama 2.0 pointed out recently, AOL is starting to think it may have paid too much for Bebo.

The recent sale of Virgin Radio for 'just' £53m seems to confirm that.


Polar Rose widens beta test

Polar Rose is a Swedish startup that has been developing facial recognition technology for image search since it launched at the end of 2006.

Polar Rose homepage

It has recently updated the look of its image search facility and made the image recognition plugin available for Internet Explorer users, so we've taken a look to see how effective it is...


Affiliate Window and Prezzybox scoop gongs at affiliate awards night

When you throw hundreds of affiliate marketers together for an awards night and lay on plenty of champagne and a top-drawer comedian, then you know it’s going to be a fun night…