Achieving an ROI from marketing

Marketing departments need to come out of their comfort zones and start demonstrating their impact on the bottom line, writes James Harrison.


ITV to relaunch its online video player

ITV's online catch up TV offering will be revamped in an attempt to compete more effectively with the BBC's iPlayer.

Though ITV launched the service months earlier than the iPlayer, it has quickly been overhauled by the BBC's offering. Around 11m videos were viewed via the iPlayer in January, compared with just 2m for  

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Going global - tips for internet startups

In a recent guest piece on TechCrunch, French internet entrepreneur Loic Le Meur provided some advice to internet startups: you need to be global.

While I agree with this piece of advice, I believe Loic's argument that addressing local markets is a dead-end actually misses the point - every company serves a "local" market in some form or another.


How to retain customers in hard times

It's doom and gloom, according to many of the economic commentators, but now is not the time to take your eye off the customer experience ball. 

When things get tight, a company needs any edge it can get and retaining the customers it has is one way of minimising the impact of any downturn. Here are a few things to try to hang on to those most valuable of assets – your customers.

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Glasses Direct's Phil Gates on promoting an etail start-up

Disruptive e-commerce start-up Glasses Direct recently bagged £3m in funding to continue its assault on high street opticians, ramp up its staff and expand internationally. 

Here, we ask new marketing director Phil Gates about how it got on the map... homepage


The democratisation of news media - another Web 2.0 myth

The Web 2.0 community has been a potent purveyor of myth . One of the myths that Web 2.0's most ardent kool aid drinkers have promoted is that the world of news media has been democratised.


If SEO's a hygiene factor, why are so many sites dirty?

Many in the SEO world joke that if an agency or consultant starts talking about title or meta tags to potential clients, they should be ignored as this sort of thing is now considered very basic and suggests that the SEO doesn't know what they're talking about.

But looking at the websites of some pretty major brands, it's clear that for many people, SEO 101 is still pretty advanced.


Firms still ignoring customers' emails

Transversal has come out with another report showing the dire performance of many UK firms when responding to customers’ emails.

In its third annual Multi-channel Customer Service Study, released this week, the company tested 100 leading organisations by sending them routine questions by email.

Less than half (46%) answered those questions “adequately” and the average time they took to respond was almost two days (46 hours).

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Madwords: the trouble with Google Adwords on mobile

Thomson Financial believes Google will generate an astonishing $21.31 billion in mobile advertising revenues in 2009. I don’t. Moreover, I think Google is going to have a hard time migrating Adwords to mobile.


Is net tracking a big problem?

The web is buzzing today after Sir Tim Berners-Lee rejected net tracking and voiced concerns about privacy and data sharing.


Basket Abandonment - we have to focus on How, not Why

More and more the concept of basket abandonment is mentioned as a method for increasing conversion - be it baskets in retail, quotes in insurance, bookings in travel or registrations in gambling.

Indeed, I am beginning to feel like it has been around forever. The real question for me is how to go from talking about it to actually producing the goods and enjoying the results.


Don't forget the late-adopters

First-adopters are a coveted bunch. Many, if not most, internet startups hope to reach the first-adopters that will use their services and evangelise about them before anyone else will.

But what about the "late-adopters" who don't jump head first into every new internet phenomenon and who prefer to stick with the products and services they've come to know and trust?

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