MySpace gets a revamp

Social network MySpace unveiled the first stage of its redesign yesterday, starting with a new look for the homepage.

Having been one of the more cluttered sites around, MySpace was certainly due for a revamp. So has it improved?

MySpace new homepage


Typography tools and tips

In my opinion, one of the most overlooked and least understood aspects of web design is that of typography.

In my experience, many web designers treat typography as an afterthought, ignoring the fact that it's a major element of good design.

Here are some great tools and tips for typography, as well as some links to websites that offer free and paid fonts:


Tips on internal linking strategy

Internal linking is an important and often overlooked element of SEO and, unlike external links, the site owner has complete control over this, so it's crucial to make the most of it.

Scott Allen of Search Engine Guide has written a useful article on internal linking strategies. Here are a couple of his tips, alongside some from our SEO Best Practice Guide...


25 useful Wordpress plugins for bloggers

Open source blogging platform Wordpress can be enhanced with the use of free plugins which can help you manage comments and spam, as well as improving SEO and user experience.

We've put together a list of some of the most useful plugins for Wordpress...


The AP tussles with the blogosphere

Where does copyright end and fair use begin? In the age of the blogosphere, this question is proving to be a difficult and painful one for copyright holders and bloggers to come to an agreement on.


Is social media all bark and no bite?

In a recent post, I argued that much of the social media hype is being promulgated by a relatively small circle of people who have vested interests in promoting the notion that social media is a revolution.

I have also been critical of the plethora of conferences that always seem to be created around hype, something that has been especially prevalent in the world of social media.


PHP message board solutions

At a time when social networks are so popular, it's easy to forget that the threaded message board was for many years the "community" of choice for many online.

For businesses and website owners that don't need all the bells and whistles of a full social network, a message board may be the perfect solution for visitors and customers who would benefit from a place to interact online.


Q&A: Incisive Media's Tim Weller on B2B publishing online

Tim Weller is the group chief executive of Incisive Media and talks to us about his successful approach to B2B publishing.


Closing the loop on web analytics

Combining content optimisation with web analytics allows online marketers to take optimisation to the next level by creating solutions that will improve online performance.


Is the internet making us stupid?

Nick Carr is no stranger to the provocative when it comes to technology.

His 2003 Harvard Business Review article "Why IT Doesn't Matter Anymore" suggested that information technology was becoming ubiquitous and no longer provided a competitive advantage, despite the fact that it would still consume considerable investment.


Measuring social media - a minefield without metrics

As more brands look to invest in the minefield that is social media marketing, it’s clear that standards are needed to define and measure success. However, marketers need to establish industry-wide best practices first and understand what they want to achieve, before tying down the metrics.

At E-consultancy’s recent Social Media roundtable, it was apparent that measurement is an issue that many marketers are still wrestling with.


Best Buy reaches out to Hispanics online

The purchasing power of Hispanic consumers in the United States is significant - more than $700bn annually. Some anticipate that this number will grow to well over $1trn by 2012.

As would be expected given these numbers, reaching out to Hispanic consumers is fast becoming seen as a necessity for many offline businesses.

But Hispanics also represent the fastest growing group in the United States when it comes to internet usage, meaning that reaching out to them online may become increasingly important for online retailers.