Does on-demand content lead to on-demand advertising?

For the past 300 years or so, media has been a one-to-many broadcast model. But now we see TV, radio and press all moving towards an on-demand model.

In a world where content is delivered on-demand, would on-demand advertising be a more relevant approach in the future of broadcasting?

How to win in a recession

Don’t mention the 'R word', I hear you all say. Well, I thought a post on “Recession Challenges” would be a fairly topical one, bearing in mind the recent ‘credit crunch’ stories we’ve seen taking up more and more column inches and airtime each month.

How the new TLDs could impact your search rankings

On 26th June, ICANN, the Internet domain authority, announced that a new format for domain names would be made available, ending the 25 year long reliance on established TLD (top level domains) such as .com and .uk

The change will enable brands to register their own name as a top level domain, so we may in future see domains such as http://autions.ebay or The move is long awaited, with ICANN petitioning to bring this into place since its inception in 1998. 

IBM invents teleportation system

There is no technology company in the world quite like IBM.

Its history dates back to 1889 and perhaps no other technology company has been through as much and reinvented itself as many times.

Ten things Boots can do better online

Boots' website is pretty good in some areas, but as with pretty much all retail sites there are always areas crying out for optimisation.

We've come up with a few suggested improvements from a customer experience perspective....

Q&A: Jill McDonald on McDonalds’ digital marketing rethink

Jill McDonald Jill McDonald, McDonald’s chief marketing officer in the UK and Northern Europe, hasn’t wasted much time since joining the company from BA in 2006.

She was named as the UK’s top marketer at the Marketing Society Awards in June, having helped to breathe life into the business and instigated more “rigour and discipline” in the way it goes about advertising.

Now, she tells us, the same thing needs to happen in its online activities. She says she wants to “take a step back as a brand and look at how we should be using the digital space”, and recently commissioned what looks like a fairly wide-reaching review of its web strategy.

We talk to her about what that might mean for McDonalds and how it measures success in the digital world.

Is the power of behavioral targeting a myth?

In my post on Monday, I discussed the privacy concerns that have been raised in the wake of a court order, requiring Google to provide Viacom with 12TB of data that includes information on the viewing habits of individual YouTube users.

The YouTube case ties in with a broad subject that industry, privacy advocates and lawmakers have been grappling with.

That is, what privacy rights should consumers have in an age, when the technologies designed to track their online activities and to target them with advertising keep getting more invasive and advanced?

Collecting information from your users

Firms are often told that the information they collect from users through their websites, especially email lists, is extremely valuable.

But most of the companies I have worked with over the years really have no idea how to use this information to boost business.

More Hollywood than haute couture

eBay has posted a letter to its 14m UK users detailing its fight against counterfeits and claiming it is a defender of e-commerce against the threat of uncompetitive commercial practices.

The letter, signed by 'Doug' (European SVP Doug McCallum), follows a ruling last week against eBay in the Paris commercial court.

Introducing the new Long Tail - now longer and flatter

Chris Anderson's 2006 book, "The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More ," didn't take long to go from the "tail" to the "head."

The popularity of Anderson's book is due to the fact that its thesis is both simple and powerful.

In a world where consumers have more choice than ever before and through the internet, the limitations of shelf-space have largely been reduced, businesses will be driven more by the sale of a smaller number of more products than they will be by the sale of a larger number of fewer "hit" products.

Ten tips for welcome emails

Sending customers a welcome email message after they have registered on your site, or chosen to receive newsletters, is generally accepted as good practice.

But a recent survey found that 60% of firms weren't doing so, while many others were failing to respond promptly enough.

What should etailers be including in these welcome emails though? Here are ten tips...

Pictures from the E-consultancy Digital Sail event

E-consultancy’s first Digital Sail Regatta took place last week, with seven yachts and one rib commandeered by some of the UK internet industry’s saltiest dogs.

Team E-consultancy