PayPal's disappointing shopping search engine

It was announced recently that US shopping search engine will provide its search technology to PayPal Offers, which returns results exclusively from merchants that accept payments through the eBay-owned system.

The US version is a useful (and fairly popular) service, so I've been trying out the UK site to see how it shapes up...


Why are affiliate marketing budgets shrinking?

New research published by E-consultancy today shows a trend towards reduced investment in affiliate marketing over the past 12 months. Why has this digital sector seemingly gone into reverse?


Google Suggest - implications for SEO

Google recently brought its Suggest feature out of Labs and onto the main .com search page.

Google Suggest has not yet been introduced on, but it's likely that it will be if the feature works in the US, and it could have a few implications for search marketers.


Microsoft's first Seinfeld ad fails to impress

If it's true that there's no such thing as bad publicity, Microsoft's first Seinfeld ad, part of a $300mn effort to shore up its image, is off to a great start.

The ad certainly seems like a "bizarre" way to start rebuilding the Windows brand but then again, its creator, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, is known for producing interesting ads.


Review: Yammer - Twitter for companies

Launched this week as part of the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco, Yammer has taken the concept of Twitter and directed it towards improving communication between work colleagues.

We've been trying it out...


Five open source Web 2.0 applications

Blogs, wikis, social networks, social news aggregator. Although there's certainly been a lot of hype around these things, when applied in the right circumstances they can serve a utility for many people and businesses.


Review: My eBay beta

Having already made some changes to its feedback policy and search, the online auction site has recently introduced a new 'My eBay' summary page for users in beta.

My eBay beta

I've been selling a few items on eBay lately, so I decided to check out the new format to see how it works...

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Announcing E-consultancy's Innovation Awards

Does the internet industry need yet another awards night? After three years of debating this question we've decided that there's a bit of a gap in the market. And this is why we’ve just announced the launch of our Innovation Awards.

Entries are now open for those clients, agencies and suppliers that have been involved in innovative web projects and technologies during the past year. There are 15 categories to choose from.

Judging will be determined by E-consultancy's analysts and a panel of industry experts including Apple, Google, Dyson, BBC, Orange and innocent drinks.

The awards will be announced and presented at London's glitzy Park Lane Hotel on 2nd December.


UK search market to rise 24% in 2008

E-consultancy's latest Search Engine Marketing Buyer's Guide 2008 estimates that the total UK search market will grow 24% to £2.75bn this year.

That's a healthy growth figure, considering the sector's growing maturity and the economic constraints facing consumers and advertisers. 

We estimate that paid search spending will rise 23% to £2.42bn (88% of the total market), while the SEO market will increase 32% to £330m.


Web 2.0 tries to hide from reality

ReadWriteWeb's Sarah Perez believes that "today, if you're not staying current with Web 2.0 technologies' impact on business, then you're just not staying current."

In her post entitled "Businesses Can't Hide From 2.0: A Look At 2.0's Impact Across Industries," she states:


Site review: Raptr

Raptr, a social network which tracks users' gaming activity on their Xbox, PS3, Wii and PC, has just launched in public beta.


Amongst other things, it lets you know when your friends are gaming, which is a nifty idea. I've signed up to see how it works...


Q&A: Sift Media's Ben Heald on B2B online publishing

Ben Heald, CEO of Sift MediaThis week, we speak to Ben Heald, chief executive of Sift Media, about the challenges of B2B online publishing, including the economy, how to monetise international traffic and tackle participation inequality in social media.

We ask him about trends from audiences and advertisers, how the sector is moving forward in terms of best practices, and why his journalists are now paid on a performance basis.

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