Mainstream media benefits from outbound links - study

David Eaves has taken a look at the linking policies of major US and UK news websites, and found a correlation between the number of outbound links and incoming links.

This, he says, indicates that rather than taking away valuable page views, being generous with outbound links can actually benefit publishers by increasing the number of incoming links.


Do you know how your brand is perceived?

There are a number of key services that are hot in the industry at the moment (and no, we aren’t talking Twitter or social media services here), but online reputation management must be one of the hottest.

While it is enjoying somewhat of a boom in popularity, it is something that has been talked about within the industry for quite a while. However, it is one of those unfortunate services that sits as a hybrid.


Facebook sues German rival StudiVZ

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against popular German social network StudiVZ, alleging that its rival is nothing more than a "knock-off".

According to the Financial Times, "in its complaint, Facebook accused StudiVZ of copying entire portions of the site’s design."

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Six open source web application testing tools

If you're building a web application and have high hopes that it will be used by lots of people, one of the most important things to do before you launch it is to test how it functions under extreme conditions.


Site review: Mothercare

Mothercare's online sales have risen dramatically over the past financial year. They reached a total of £85.5m, an increase of 78% on the previous year.

With this kind of performance, the company must be doing something right online, so we have decided to take a look at its website...

Mothercare homepage


Q&A: Vicky Smith of is the latest entrant into the travel comparison market, having launched last week with a website that compares package holidays from some of the UK's top tour operators and travel agents.

We talked to's Marketing Manager Vicky Smith about the site...


The Web Week in Review

Drama 2.0's The Web Week in the Review focuses in on big companies (and big money) this week.


Five cool podcasting tools

Podcasting certainly isn't for everybody, but it has grown in popularity over the years and for good reason.


Q&A: Chris Hirst of Grey London

Chris Hirst Chris Hirst is the managing director of Grey London, an advertising agency whose clients include Procter & Gamble, Toshiba and Channel 5.

We asked him about the extent to which so-called traditional advertisers are embracing digital.


Is "community" a panacea for ailing newspapers?

Through TechDirt, I stumbled upon an interesting debate that questions whether the concept of "community" as it relates to newspapers is a major part of the industry's woes - and a potential part of the solution to those woes.


How to retain inactive email subscribers

Inactive subscribers are those that have not opened or clicked on an email over a certain period of time. There may be a number of reasons for this; disinterest, spam filters, poor subject lines and more.

With some inactive subscribers, the best approach may be to remove them from your list as they can be most likely to report emails as spam. However, it can be useful to try and reel a few back in.

Here are some tips on dealing with inactive subscribers...


The internet's biggest problem?

Winston Churchill once stated: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

This statement has never been truer than today. Thanks to the internet, a lie can be propagated around the world before the truth is ever discovered.