Closing the loop on web analytics

Combining content optimisation with web analytics allows online marketers to take optimisation to the next level by creating solutions that will improve online performance.


Is the internet making us stupid?

Nick Carr is no stranger to the provocative when it comes to technology.

His 2003 Harvard Business Review article "Why IT Doesn't Matter Anymore" suggested that information technology was becoming ubiquitous and no longer provided a competitive advantage, despite the fact that it would still consume considerable investment.


Measuring social media - a minefield without metrics

As more brands look to invest in the minefield that is social media marketing, it’s clear that standards are needed to define and measure success. However, marketers need to establish industry-wide best practices first and understand what they want to achieve, before tying down the metrics.

At E-consultancy’s recent Social Media roundtable, it was apparent that measurement is an issue that many marketers are still wrestling with.


Best Buy reaches out to Hispanics online

The purchasing power of Hispanic consumers in the United States is significant - more than $700bn annually. Some anticipate that this number will grow to well over $1trn by 2012.

As would be expected given these numbers, reaching out to Hispanic consumers is fast becoming seen as a necessity for many offline businesses.

But Hispanics also represent the fastest growing group in the United States when it comes to internet usage, meaning that reaching out to them online may become increasingly important for online retailers.


Useful online colour resources

In my last post, I provided a number of useful online resources for stock photography because visitors tend to make very quick decisions as to whether they're going to stay on a site based on aesthetics.

Another important aspect to an appealing website is using the right colours. Fortunately, there are lots of great online tools and resources for discovering and choosing them.


User generated content: beyond technology

Enabling customers to write honest, unedited product reviews is practically required on ecommerce sites today. Consumers want to hear from people like them, and they have plenty to say about the products they purchase. Smart online retailers analyse reviews’ impact on sales conversion, average order value, return rates, and more.

But to stop at these results would mean missing out on the entire potential of customer reviews – and of the customer’s voice in general.


Site review: beta

Online music provider is currently in the process of revamping its website, with a beta version running alongside the old site. profile page

We've taken a look at to see what improvements (if any) have been made...


Google provides tips on duplicate content

Duplicate content is an important issue and something that can have an adverse effect on a website’s search engine rankings.

So lots of site owners will be pleased to hear that Google has provided some tips on how to address it.

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The Web Week in Review

It was a big news week this week with major technology and internet players vying to share the spotlight - some in more positive ways than others.

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The New Media stock exchange

I have issue with the process of online media buying. Agreeing a spend budget for the month, researching a handful of websites, a few phone calls to negotiate the rate, booking a volume of impressions, signing an insertion order before sending over the ad-serving tags.

It feels too rigid, too simplistic, but most of all too much like offline media buying! But is that all about to change?


Stock photography resources and tips

Studies have shown that visitors decide very quickly whether or not to stay or leave a website.

A big factor in that decision is the visual aesthetic of your website. Does it look appealing? Is it professional? Does it convey the right message?


Q&A: Sara Vincent of Media Corp on

Online publishing and ad firm Media Corp recently launched, with the aim of developing the site into a major web destination for sports fans.

We talked to Sara Vincent, the commercial director of Media Corp's publishing division about the launch of the new site...