Three authentication systems that can help boost email delivery rates

If you send a reasonable volume of email, you've probably experienced the frustration of being told by some of the intended recipients that they never got your messages.


Guardian Media buys a blog

Some members of Old Media may be going through some tough times, but those who say that Old Media doesn't "get it" and is dying should take note of what's happening. Old Media is buying New Media.


Turnabout: What do affiliate managers want?

When was the last time you heard anyone ask what online affiliate MANAGERS (not affiliates) want? 

There's so much focus on answering the question, 'What do affiliates really want and need?' that we've seemingly forgotten the marketers themselves.


Site review: Borders' new UK offering

Having recently ended its partnership with Amazon and launched a new e-commerce site in the US, I expected that Borders would develop a similar version for the UK.

However, the redesigned has now gone live and it is completely different to its US counterpart.

We’ve taken a look to see how they compare...


The Web Week in Review - Yahoo Edition

There was enough Yahoo news this week to devote this week's The Web Week in Review to the besieged internet company.


Site review: is part of the main Disney website, which is presumably a fantastic source of targeted traffic. But is it making the most of this popularity to sell its products online?

The answer at this stage is a firm 'no', but we have analysed the key areas of the website to recommend a number of improvements that Disney can make to improve the customer experience, which in turn should boost sales.


Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks?

Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks? If so what are the pros, cons and pitfalls to avoid?

I sat down with the very experienced, Carolyn Tang to find out how marketers should go about making that critical decision. She didn't hesitate to give it to me straight!

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Embedding Flash content using SWFObject 2

Embedding Flash content into a web page seems simple and in theory, it is.

But if you're using embed/object tags alone to embed Flash content, potential issues lurk under the surface.


Does on-demand content lead to on-demand advertising?

For the past 300 years or so, media has been a one-to-many broadcast model. But now we see TV, radio and press all moving towards an on-demand model.

In a world where content is delivered on-demand, would on-demand advertising be a more relevant approach in the future of broadcasting?


How to win in a recession

Don’t mention the 'R word', I hear you all say. Well, I thought a post on “Recession Challenges” would be a fairly topical one, bearing in mind the recent ‘credit crunch’ stories we’ve seen taking up more and more column inches and airtime each month.

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How the new TLDs could impact your search rankings

On 26th June, ICANN, the Internet domain authority, announced that a new format for domain names would be made available, ending the 25 year long reliance on established TLD (top level domains) such as .com and .uk

The change will enable brands to register their own name as a top level domain, so we may in future see domains such as http://autions.ebay or The move is long awaited, with ICANN petitioning to bring this into place since its inception in 1998. 


IBM invents teleportation system

There is no technology company in the world quite like IBM.

Its history dates back to 1889 and perhaps no other technology company has been through as much and reinvented itself as many times.