How much are your users worth?

As anyone who runs a website knows, your userbase constitutes one of your most important assets.

Putting a "value" on "users" and keeping track of this value makes a lot of sense, even if you're not looking to sell your website. Yet putting a value on users can often be difficult.


Site review: is the online arm of independent electrical retailer Strangewood Group.

The site has been updated recently and I've been taking a look to see how it measures up against the bigger electrical retailers' sites...


Google makes search more social with SearchWiki

Google, a company that has built its success in search on the back of a superior search algorithm, is looking to humans as it makes search a bit more social with the launch of SearchWiki.


5 Most Annoying SEO Myths

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is filled with mythology and misinformation.

Because it is an entirely online industry, it has one of the most active web communities. This includes forums, blogs and online debate but also endless badly-written articles, misleading guides and just plain lies.


Debenhams' website cracks under the strain

It seems that Debenhams' website has been unable to cope with the extra demand placed upon it by its pre-Xmas sale, and it has been down since yesterday afternoon.  

I looked at the site yesterday morning and noted that it was becoming pretty slow to load, and it seems that the site finally buckled under the strain of the extra traffic around 3pm.

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The Web Week in Review

As we've been reminded recently, there are few guarantees in life. Except the end of the week and The Web Week in Review. So here we go (again).

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Site review:

Fitness Footwear was launched by Luke Barlow in June 2005 as a way of selling Chung Shi sports shoes, which couldn't be found anywhere else in the UK.

Fitness Footwear homepage

Four years on, the site is doing well, and Luke now has a team of ten, and the business is currently outgrowing its warehouse in Hertfordshire, and has even launched a sister site,

Having started as a family business, the website has been created on a limited budget:  Luke has spent around £100k on the site since launch. So how does it shape up? 


What should 'continue shopping' mean?

When customers have added items to their basket and want to continue shopping, where should they end up on your website?

Not the homepage; as Brendan Regan points out on GrokDotCom, the 'homepage dump' is a user experience mistake to avoid, so where should they be sent instead? 

I've been looking through a few retailers' sites for examples of good and bad practice in this area...


The information overload threat and opportunity

According to a study recently released by Yahoo, UK internet users are suffering from information overload.

As reported by the Association of Online Publishers UK, the study, which is entitled "Return on Attention," found that 70% of users "admitted to spending hours sifting through unwanted or irrelevant information."


How to get a career in the internet industry (a DIY guide)

Following on from an earlier article on how universities are failing to educate students on the career opportunities available in the internet industry, here’s a how-to guide on how to break in through the back door.

Firstly, don’t wait for your university to catch up. Asking some questions to your lecturers might help the students of the future, but I doubt it will help you in the near term. You’re going to have to figure this out for yourself.

Thankfully there is a wealth of information available to help you do this, as well as some fantastic support networks. Employers will admire your gumption.


10 VoIP applications for your mobile phone

Making calls on your mobile phone can get quite expensive, especially when calling internationally.

Fortunately, there are now a number of great mobile VoIP services that make international calling from mobile phones dirt cheap.


How is M&S handling its pre-Xmas sale online?

M&S launched a 'one day spectacular' sale today, in an effort to attract more shoppers in the run-up to Christmas, offering 20% off just about everything.

Rival high street retailer Debenhams also has a sale on at the moment, offering 25% discounts, so how are these offers communicated to customers and handled online?