Want to make up to $500,000/month in 2-15 weeks?

Where's the easy money on the internet today? Facebook applications, if you are to believe Chamath Palihapitiya, the company's vice president of marketing and operations.


A lesson for digital marketers and brands

Last week, I received an email from 360i, an "independent metrics-driven agency that serves as strategic digital advisors to large brand marketers," on behalf of NBC.


Do standards equal service?

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has just launched a standard addressing customer satisfaction, quoting research it commissioned to support the launch suggesting that the great British public is less than happy with much of the service they receive. 

But will a new standard help?

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Tips for email opt-in forms

The email opt-in or subscribe form on your website is crucial when you are building up your database, and can help your marketing efforts at a later stage.

The information you can capture here on customer preferences can help make your email marketing more effective and relevant to consumers.

Here are some tips on how: 


The Web Week in Review

The economic landscape may not be great but that's not stopping big internet players from making acquisition moves. This week's news was dominated by M&A and M&A-related items.


Q&A: Prof. David Crystal and Sacha Carton on semantic targeting

Professor David Crystal is a linguistics expert and has developed 'semantic ad targeting' technology that he claims can be used to more accurately place ads in the correct context.

Professor Crystal recently sold his company Crystal Semantics to online ad network ad pepper media, which has used the technology to launch its iSense targeting system.

We talked to Prof. Crystal and ad pepper's board director Sacha Carton about the technology...


Tesco's iTunes competitor - how does it shape up?

This week sees the launch of Tesco Digital, the supermarket giant's answer to iTunes.

We've taken a look at the new site to see how it compares with Apple's all-conquering download store, which has accounted for around 70% of worldwide online digital music sales.

Tesco Digital


uBid preps European launch

uBid, the US-based online marketplace for discounted products, is preparing to enter the UK in the coming months following a reorganisation of its business.

The company joins rival Overstock in targeting Europe for the first time this year as US merchants look to get their hands on more foreign currency. It will also provide more competition for the likes of eBay and Amazon in the battle to attract buyers of cheap goods.

uBid CEO Jeffrey D. Hoffman told E-consultancy: “We are looking to acquire both buyers and sellers in European markets and are setting up an office in Europe. It will likely be in the UK.”


Data portability - a red herring?

If you are to believe data portability proponents, one of the biggest challenges facing the internet today is the difficulty users have in sharing their data across multiple services.


Acquisition 2.0: Driving revenue with social, experiential marketing

Selling on the web is quickly becoming lessabout marketers’ supply meeting up with customers’ demand, and more about customers themselves actively bringing their demand toward supply. 

In fact, they're creating supply in many cases. And successful marketers are creating experiences for customers -- not merely selling to them.


The importance of managing expectations

Expectations are an often-overlooked factor in an internet startup's prospects for success or failure.

Hype, in one sense, is the irrational raising of expectations to a point beyond what is realistic and/or healthy.


FTC ups the game on spam protection

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia at Silverpop's Customer Conference. One of the hot topics here has been yesterday's announcement by the FTC that it is changing the rules in the US around unsubscribing.

Essentially you need to ensure that your reader can kiss you off with a single click, and without having to enter more than an email address.