Ratings and customer reviews crucial, 5 tools to add them

According to research firm eMarketer, "Online product research is very popular in the UK and traffic to price comparison sites is up as consumers try to stretch every penny."

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What is the best screen resolution to use for your website?

When reviewing new or redesigned websites, I've noticed a few that don't fill the whole screen, which has got me thinking about the best way for designers to approach the issue.

It's impossible to ensure that your website looks the same in every browser, mobile device, or screen resolution, but there are ways to deal with the problem.


Five frequent & frustrating SEO fallacies

It is a fact of our business that quite a number of people do not really understand the world of search.

This is perfectly understandable. When I take a watch to be fixed, I do not get embarrassed because I don't know what is wrong with it. I know it needs to be fixed and I hand it over to someone who can help.


Q&A: Daniel Lee of

Globrix is a property search engine that was launched earlier this year, backed by News International.

I looked at the site a few weeks ago, and was impressed by its simple, stripped-down user interface, as well as the number of listings.

Here, we talk to Globrix CEO Daniel Lee about the online property market and where he sees the site heading...


The problem with the 'top-down' approach to revenue estimation

AdAge published an interesting article this week with a subtitle that caught my eye:

"Entrepreneurs Discover Digital Spending Isn't an Infinite Quantity" .

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Digital Socialism and the Tyranny of the Consumer - Part II

In Part I of this two part series, I explained what Digital Socialism is and some of the reasons it has arisen.

In Part II today, I'll discuss why Digital Socialism creates a Tyranny of the Consumer and why this benefits no one.


Transactional emails failing usability tests - Nielsen

Transactional emails can be useful for building trust and improving customer service, but many are not as user-friendly as they could be.

That's Jakob Nielsen's verdict in his latest Alertbox post, in which he details tests of a range of emails; customer service responses and order confirmations.

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Site review: Figleaves redesign

Online lingerie retailer recently launched a revamped version of its website, aiming for more of a high quality look and feel.  

Figeaves homepage

I've taken a look to see how it compares...


Consumers say etailers are sending too many emails

According to Forrester Research, over 150bn emails will be sent to consumers by retailers and wholesalers this year.

And many will be received by recipients who don't really want them.

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Is Nokia guilty of SEO PR astroturfing / comment spamming?

Has Nokia bee n a victim of brand sabotage or agency heavy-handedness? Because something is very amiss in the way it is conducting its social media / SEO strategy.


Q&A:’s Jason Russell on establishing an etail start-up

Here, we speak to MD Jason Russell about the health and beauty retailer's acquisition and conversion activity, as well as the challenges of starting an e-commerce operation from scratch.


Digital Socialism and the Tyranny of the Consumer - Part I

There can be no doubt that the debate over the future of intellectual property rights in the internet age is one of the most important that individuals, governments and businesses are currently engaged in.