Email marketing to grow by 24% in 2008

E-consultancy's latest Email Marketing Platforms Buyers' Guide reveals that the UK market for email platforms and services continue to grow, reaching £274m by the end of the year; an increase of 24% on 2007.

Economic conditions may be more difficult at the moment, but email marketing budgets look secure, as more firms use email as a retention tool.

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Should your business deploy Google Chrome?

With Google's new Chrome browser gaining lots of attention, it's inevitable that some businesses will ask whether Chrome is a suitable replacement for their browsers they currently have deployed.

Google claims that Chrome is faster and more secure than Internet Explorer and Firefox, while E-consultancy's own Graham Charlton gave it a test drive and came away with favorable impressions.

But is Chrome ready for deployment at your business? Let's take a look at the considerations.


Site review: SkyScanner

Flights search engine Skyscanner recently launched a redesigned version of its site in beta, with the aim of making it smoother and more usable.


There are plenty of travel search engines around, so how does the new Skyscanner measure up? 


Google turns 10

This weekend, Google celebrated its 10th birthday.

In September 1998, armed with $100,000 in seed money, Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page began a journey that a decade later has seen the development of a $150bn company that employs more than 20,000 people.

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Site review: Authonomy

Authonomy, a site from publisher Harper Collins, is a social network which will allow aspiring writers to exhibit their talents online.


Publishers receive too many manuscripts to sift through themselves, and this seems like a good way to sort the wheat from the chaff, so how does it shape up? 


IA: Bottom up meets top down in School of Everything

The innovative School of Everything offers a great chance to learn from others like you. 

But will its combination of user-generated and company-generated navigation help or hinder findability in the long run?


Q&A: Kristofer Arwin of review site TestFreaks

TestFreaks, launched at the end of last year, is a consumer review site that aggregates technical information and opinions about a range of products.

It was founded by Kristofer Arwin, Magnus Wiberg and Martin Alexanderson, all of whom previously founded PriceRunner back in 1999.

We talked to Kristofer about his plans for the TestFreaks, and how he aims to make it into the world's biggest product review site...


The Web Week in Review

While the launch of Google's Chrome web browser took up many of the headlines this week in the world of technology (and I had to include one story on the launch here), there was other interesting news.


Using PayPal's IPN system

One of the benefits of having your own merchant account is the level of integration that it provides.

A payment gateway enables your customers to pay without leaving your website, and there is almost no limit to the ways that you can build specific functionality related to payments that makes business easier for customers and your business.


Google Chrome: a review

Google Chrome, the first web browser from the search engine giant, was released for download this week in a beta version.

Google Chrome 

Will it be a serious rival for Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers though? Here's a run-through of some of its features...


Wither widgets?

It wasn't too long ago that we were told widgets were the marketer's recession survival tool and that Facebook's application platform, which allows developers to build widgets for the social network's users, heralded the ushering in of another "new economy."

My how quickly times change.


E-consultancy shortlisted for award... woop!

Happy faces here at E-consultancy Towers (aka Lemon Studios) this morning following the news that we have been shortlisted in this year's AOP Awards.

We've been lucky enough to win two of these awards previously, and here's hoping we can add to our collection this year. Penguin suits at the ready!

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