Blogosophere continues to grow - Technorati

Blog search engine Technorati has just released its annual State of the Blogosphere report and, if the figures are correct, the number of blogs is still growing. In fact, the blogosphere has almost doubled in a year.

According to the report, Technorati has indexed 133m blogs since the company started in 2002. The same figure in last year's report was just 70m, which suggests some impressive growth. Can it be so?

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Financial industry woes hit display ad market but there is hope

With the financial markets in serious turmoil and financial services firms hurting, it's not surprising that financial services firms are spending far less on online display advertising than they did when times were better.

A new report by Nielsen highlights just how substantial the decrease is and indicates that it's having a noticeable impact on the entire online display ad market.

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Q&A: Philip James, CEO of wine comparison site Snooth

Snooth, launched in the US last year, is a social wine recommendation and price comparison site which aims to be the world's largest wine site.

In the same way that music sites like help you discover new music, Snooth recommends wine to users based on the bottles that users with similar tastes enjoy.

We caught up with Snooth CEO Philip James to talk about the site...


What are the drawbacks of not selling online?

While most well known retailers are now selling their products online, a number have yet to take the plunge. This includes brands like Primark, Morrissons, Gap (in the UK) and others.

We know that such firms are missing out on an extra revenue stream, but what other effects can not selling online have? 

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How to put your website on Google News

If you have a website which is regularly publishing news items, then getting indexed by Google News is a crucial source of traffic.

First of all you need to make a request to have Google News index your content, but there are other requirements. So what else is Google looking for?


What do journalists want from your website?

Here’s a secret: journalists often look for one of three links when they visit a website. Can you guess what they are?

The key thing for a writer is to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. If they cannot find the answers online then they’ll need to quickly find some media contacts to call, or email.

As such, journalists typically scan the page for one of the following links…

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Seedcamp announces seven winners

The second Seedcamp contest for internet startups came to a close on Friday, with seven winners announced.

These seven startups will each receive 50,000 Euros in return for an equity stake (last year it was 10%). They will also take part in a three month mentoring programme to get them started.


mBlox executive chairman: advertisers will need to pay for mobile ads

The nascent mobile advertising market is a fascinating one.

For all the hype and very real potential, it's hard not to observe that the market has failed to develop as rapidly as had been predicted - despite the fact that bullish sentiments have never really waned over the years.


10 Twitter tools

Twitter's popularity is growing and regardless of the skepticism that exists about it, marketers and businesses are taking notice.

If you're thinking about giving microblogging on Twitter a try or are already using Twitter, here are 10 Twitter tools that you can put to work.


Supermarkets ignoring SEO for major keywords

Last week Econsultancy's Graham Charlton took a look at Ten things Asda can do better online.

What I found surprising is that neither Asda, or any of the other leading UK supermarkets, rank above #9 in Google UK for the term 'supermarket'.


Don’t let the economic downturn affect your online business

In the current economic climate, marketers and business owners need to take a close look at how they can improve the effectiveness of their websites.

Whilst the economic downturn is unlikely to result in any decline in online volume, we are already starting to see online business growth start to slow slightly, as consumers tighten their belts in the face of escalating food and fuel bills, as well as rising borrowing costs.


The Web Week in Review

Admittedly it was difficult to pay attention to all of the news in the technology industry his week - the news in the financial markets more than overshadowed it.

This week's Web Week in Review has to touch on the financial crisis but there were other tech-only stories that did manage to make it onto my radar.