Successful surveys for hard times

In hard times, winners will sharpen their customer experience to focus on what matters most to customers and feedback takes on a crucial role; but only if it provides actionable results.

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Offering free delivery? Then shout about it...

As reported yesterday on this blog, Amazon has made the smart decision to lower its threshold for free delivery to £5. 

The site trumpets this by displaying a letter from Jeff Bezos on its homepage, as well as in bold text on the product pages, so no customer can be in any doubt about the offer: 

Amazon free delivery


Add search to your website - 10 hosted site search tools

If your website has a lot of content, offering your users search functionality that makes it easier for them to find the content they're looking for is a usability must.

It can also enable you to track which content is most popular.


Amazon lures shoppers with new free delivery scheme

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, and Jeff Bezos has once again improved on Amazon’s free delivery offer.

This year Amazon has lowered the threshold for free deliverability eligibility to a mere £5, down from £15. It means that about 90% of orders placed through Amazon will qualify for free delivery.


Google 'reintroduces' gambling ads to Adwords

Google is set to reintroduce gambling ads to Adwords, something that will quickly generate many millions in additional revenue for the search giant.

Licensed gaming operators will from tomorrow be able to buy paid search ads. Google previously allowed free games to be promoted via Adwords, but a blanket ban (of sorts, as we shall discover) came into effect in summer 2007.


Reaping what they sow part deux

In past posts, I have noted that the problem of intellectual property theft on the internet was likely to become a problem for consumers as those who are impacted by it look to implement more draconian measures.

And so it appears that consumers in the United States may reap what they sow much sooner than they anticipated.


Site review: redesign

Fish4 launched a revamped version of its classifieds website last week, aiming to provide more useful advice to searchers alongside its jobs, car, homes and holiday listings.


As well as the new section, Fish4 says it has also improved functionality and added a new search tool.

I've been taking a look at the site to see how it measures up... 


Downturn! Ramp up your PR and marketing budgets!

I spotted a good post by PR Squared’s Todd Defren on the value of retaining a PR agency during an economic downturn.

Based on the principle that it is a wise move to invest in marketing activities during a recession, and picking up on some advice in Sequoia’s recent ‘RIP Good Times’ event, the post contains five key reasons why you need to be aggressive when it comes to your PR strategy.

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Tips on site search results pages

As ever, Grokdotcom has some useful e-commerce tips, this time on optimising site search results pages.

According to Daniel McGuigan, the search box can be the last chance to get a visitor to take action on your site, if they haven't found what they want through navigation, landing pages or your homepage.

This is certainly true, but some visitors may also use the search box as their first port of call if they have a particular product in mind when visiting a site.

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Tracking your conversion goals with Google Analytics

I'm a big fan of Google Analytics and consider it to be one of the best free analytics tools for the average webmaster.

One of its most useful features is the ability to set "goals" and track how well they're being achieved.

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Larry Ellison exudes confidence about Oracle, disses cloud computing

If there's one top tech executive who isn't all that concerned about the ongoing economic meltdown, it's Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Given his personality, that's hardly surprising.


People hate intrusive ads, so why do publishers love them?

eMarketer has published a timely post on the endurance limits of web users in relation to one of the lamest online ad formats know to man, aka the floating overlay.

By looking at data provided by Dynamic Logic, the firm found that the average person can tolerate two sucky ads per hour, before doing an Assault on Precinct 13 in the comfort of their own office. Doing a Rambo might be more appropriate...