Television advertising set for strong Q4, digital a contributor?

With the global economy on the ropes, many believed that television advertising was going to suffer.

And the death of television itself has been predicted for years as many argued that the accountability offered by digital advertising would eventually make television advertising a lot less compelling.


Oddbins fails with email marketing strategy

What happens when a retailer allows individual stores to control local customer communications?

I guess it depends on the level of training and guidance afforded to staff, but oftentimes things can go awry, especially when it is patently clear that there’s no kind of instruction from head office.


Q&A: Thomas Cook's Russell Gould on improving conversion

Here, we speak to Thomas Cook e-commerce director Russell Gould about the company's efforts to increase conversion rates online, including user reviews, video and a recently-launched co-browsing service.


Ten things Asda can do better online

Having launched its online shopping service in 2000, Asda recently overtook Sainsbury's to become the UK's second biggest online grocer.

ASDA homepage

Its online sales have been growing, but it still trails behind Tesco, with around 16.9% of the UK online grocery market compared with 31.3% for its rival, according to figures from July this year.

On most retail sites there are always areas which could be improved, so we've taken a look at the site from a customer experience perspective...


Which retailers are still not selling online?

Earlier this year, I listed ten well known high street retailers that weren't selling online, despite the obvious benefits of doing so.

I calculated (roughly) that these companies were missing out on potential revenues of between £8m and £1.35bn for the sake of setting up an e-commerce operation.

Six months later, online retail is still growing, and the reasons for selling online are just as valid, so I've taken a look to see where these companies are now with their e-commerce strategies...


Sir Tim Berners-Lee in crazy kitemark scheme

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to offer reputable websites a kitemark, to help web users work out that they are trustworthy and reliable. The father of the web is to launch the scheme via his World Wide Web Foundation , which begins its work in 2009.

This is, of course, completely bonkers. Why has it come about? Because of a bunch of cults, that’s why...


West Coast tech conferences - the good and the bad

Last week was an important one for technology entrepreneurs in the United States.

Two of the most anticipated technology conferences - DEMOfall08 and TechCrunch50 - were held. They were highly anticipated not only because of the drama surrounding them but because they promised high-profile product launches.


Popular "platforms" and APIs

There's no doubt that the plethora of third-party developer platforms and APIs that exist today have given developers a considerable number of opportunities to build applications that can quickly made available to millions upon millions of people.

Here is a list of some of the more popular platforms and APIs that developers have successfully leveraged to build popular applications - some of which even reportedly generate significant revenues.


Seven ways to get return visitors to your blog

Obviously, converting every short term blog visitor into a regular user of your site is virtually impossible.

But there are a few things you can do to make a few more people become repeat visitors or at least check out the rest of your site. 


SEO losing out to paid search budgets

British firms will spend a quarter more on search advertising this year than last, a new report released by E-consultancy predicts.

The online marketing maestros have published their Search Engine Marketing Buyer's Guide, which forecasts search marketing spending will increase by 24% this year.


Site review: Popego

Popego is a startup which was announced at the TechCrunch 50 conference this week, aiming to help you to 'enjoy a more meaningful web'.


Popego plans to do this by joining up all the accounts and profiles you have created around web and using this information to bring you relevant content.


Should you have a corporate blog?

When done correctly, blogging can be valuable to a company, providing benefits for SEO and customer service. As long as it is done well, that is.

Many companies have now started their own blogs, so should your company follow suit? Very probably. Read on to understand why...

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