Could online ad spending drop by 40%?

Nick Denton, the owner of the blog "empire" Gawker Media, has some advice for ad-supported online businesses: prepare for the market to get much, much worse.


E-consultancy reveals Innovation Awards shortlist

E-consultancy’s inaugural Innovation Awards attracted around 230 entries across 13 categories. We were truly delighted by the response, which included some fantastic submissions that highlight truly cutting-edge innovation.

After more than a week of heavy deliberation we can now announce the shortlist, as follows...


Adding online chat to your website

Community features, while not right for everyone, can be a useful way for many online publishers to create more loyalty amongst users and keep them hanging around longer.

While social networks and blogs are all the rage, one shouldn't forget about message boards and chat when considering community.


Has YouTube discovered the solution to its monetization woes?

Google's challenges in monetizing the world's most popular online video service, YouTube, are well-known.


Site review: Sky Shopping

Launched last week, Sky Shopping is a price comparison site displaying products from retailers including M&S, John Lewis and Comet.

 Sky Shopping homepage

There are already plenty of shopping comparison sites out there, so is this one any different?

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Xmas online retail predictions round-up

With consumers' spending power on the high street expected to be hit by a slowing economy, e-commerce is expected by some to be the one bright spot for retailers this Christmas.

IMRG released its predictions for Q4  yesterday, forecasting a 15% year on year rise in online shopping.

With this in mind, I've taken a look at some other predictions for Christmas 2008 for the UK and US markets...

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Sun Microsystems axes 6,000 staff, digs PR hole, jumps in

Is the press release terminally ill? After seeing how Sun Microsystems ‘announced’ a batch of layoffs I’m starting to think that it might be.

Sun has axed up to 6,000 of its workforce, or as much as 18% of total headcount, as part of a plan to reduce annual costs by $800m.

Given the economic climate this is understandable, but rather than being upfront about it Sun has chosen to bury the bad news among marketese and feelgood sloganeering.

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Six WordPress ad-related plugins

Monetizing a blog can be hard. If you're using WordPress, eliminate some of the time you're probably spending managing your ads so that you can focus on producing great content and finding ways to better monetize that content.

Here are 6 WordPress plugins to help you do just that.


The Web Week in Review

Few things are certain in today's crazy world but the weekend is one of them. So without further ado, here's this week's The Web Week in Review.

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Fight club: BBC Mobile v ITV Mobile

ITV has been adding more video content to its mobile service recently, as well as promoting it between TV programmes.

With this in mind, I decided to take a look at the site and compare it with the BBC's offering, which was upgraded earlier this year...


Site review: revamp

The Financial Times began rolling out changes to its website earlier this week, with a new look and very pink homepage being the first major update.  

 Redesigned homepage

This is the first stage of an ongoing redesign process and so far it looks like a big improvement. I've taken a closer look at the changes...


Microsoft looks to its own app store

Everybody is jumping on the "app store" bandwagon.

The model that Apple has used quite successfully with the iPhone is being adopted by the makers of the Blackberry, RIM; and Google will be offering an app store of its own for Android applications.

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