Q&A: Channel 4’s Matt Locke on cross-platform commissioning

Last year, Channel 4 Education announced it was ditching much of its TV output and devoting its £6m budget to “high risk” cross-platform projects that could more effectively engage youngsters.

With more and more teenagers spurning traditional media, we asked the broadcaster’s commissioning editor Matt Locke about how it is planning to reach them through digital services.

He tells us if production houses are ready to fulfill its objectives and how Channel 4 is rethinking its focus towards metrics and measurement. Amen to that.


Optimising e-tail for all sorts

Whether you are a new entrant to e-tail or an old hand with large sales volumes, the right content optimisation strategy is vital in order to effectively leverage multivariate testing tools within your organisation.


Scoble: Bloggers have lost control

Through Profy, I learned that the technology blogosphere's drama this past weekend revolved around a "conversation" about the fact that bloggers no longer have control of the "conversation".


Google wants to index your invisible content

Last year Google was warning webmasters that search results were not welcome in their index.

Last week it started generating its own search results from websites by filling in html forms. What's going on?


AdWords trademark policy: agencies' reaction

Google's recent decision to change its AdWords policy in the UK and allow advertisers to bid for trademarked keywords has ruffled more than a few feathers among marketers.

We asked three search agencies to comment on the new rules, and the possible consequences for brands and affiliates.

None seem in a rush to rule out the possibility that firms may launch legal action against Big G.


A social media marketing campaign deconstructed

It was painful to watch, but Shel Israel, host of the Global Neighbourhoods “show,” recently dedicated an "episode" to a social media marketing campaign SeaWorld San Antonio engaged in last year as part of its launch of a new ride, 'Journey to Atlantis'.


The Web Week in Review

Are you as tired of the Microsoft-Yahoo news as I am? I hope that I will soon be able to include an article about a finalized buyout in an upcoming Web Week in Review episode just so that I can call the nightmare over.

That said, I had to include one Microsoft-Yahoo news article in this week's Web Week in Review.


Valuation can kill

There are fewer exits available to overhyped startups these days, and I don’t think it’s just because of a troubled economy.

Bebo may have found its sucker in AOL, but for other players, finding a company that wants to buy the Brooklyn Bridge is harder than many may have anticipated.


How can you help promote RSS Awareness Day?

The number of people using the web is increasing every day, but the adoption rate of RSS as a technology is still way down at 5%.

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Yahoo in search ad trials with Google

This evening has seen an intriguing announcement by Yahoo, but not one that will necessarily please marketers - it is to run an experiment with Google to see if it can boost its search ad earnings.

A release from the company said it would begin a limited test of Google's AdSense for Search service, which delivers contextual ads to third party sites.


5 ways to beat the SEO competition in Google

If you are wondering why your competitors are ranking above you in Google on highly trafficed keywords, it is probably because you are missing a key part in the SEO equation.

To start outperforming your peers on the search engines, I suggest following these five steps:


Email unsubscribing: a worst practice example

Email users are more than ready to hit the 'report spam' button for emails they no longer wish to receive, spam or not, so making the unsubscribe process quick and easy is essential.

Still, some email marketers have yet to take this on board if the following example from Real Networks is anything to go by.