CNN takes heat for Jobs rumor but who's really to blame?

Billions of dollars in market cap. Gone. In minutes.

It wouldn't be surprising to learn of Apple shareholder heart attacks after a rumor that Apple CEO Steve Jobs suffered a massive one resulted in a quick but rapid drop in Apple's stock price last Friday.


5 places where e-business owners can find cost savings

With the global economy getting worse by the day, even those businesses that felt confident going into the downturn are getting ready to batten down the hatches as a nuclear winter sets in.


Quality not quantity with social platforms

Quality in social networking can be a difficult thing to measure. Return on investment and brand placement is easy to see and measure - that is the beauty of the web - but as the online world gets more competitive, it becomes harder to operate in.

This means the quality of conversations with consumers, and not the quantity, becomes a vital aspect of a successful marketing campaign.

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Q&A: Lenstore's Mitesh Patel on online marketing Lenstore logo is a fast-growing etailer of contact lenses that was founded late last year. 

The company aims to target consumers who buy their lenses online and go to their opticians for professional care -  a trend that is apparently less prevalent in the UK than other countries, such as the US and Sweden.

We asked director Mitesh Patel how he is looking to change that, as well as where he sees the brand going.


Digital employers need to work harder to attract high flying grads

This summer’s Digital Marketing Graduate Academy gave us the opportunity to meet some of the people who will be shaping our industry in years to come. But while they spent time in the classroom, what did we learn?


Google puts Yahoo deal on hold

Google and Yahoo have announced that their planned search advertising deal has been put on hold while the US Department of Justice (DoJ) completes its investigation of the deal.

Previously, despite indications that the DoJ might be preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google to block the deal, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt insisted that his company planned to move ahead with the arrangement come hell or high water.


SEOmoz indexes 30 billion web pages for search marketers

Kudos to Rand Fishkin and the team at SEOmoz following the announcement that they have spent a year building an index of some 30 billion web pages.

The ambitious year-long experiment should help the team provide more insight into how search engines make sense of the web. It looks pretty interesting from where we’re sitting, and we’re looking forward to playing with it.


MoneyAisle - eBay for your cash

Have some extra cash lying around?

MoneyAisle, an online service currently available in the United States, wants to help you find a home for it.

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Q&A: Santiago Siri of Popego

Launched recently, Popego gathers together your profiles from various social media sites, and uses them to build up an 'interest profile' to recommend content to users.

We talked to founder Santiago Siri about Popego's user experience, privacy concerns, and how the company plans to monetise the site...


11 must-have Firefox add-ons for web developers

There are plenty of Firefox plugins that help make the day-to-day tasks of a web developer a little bit easier.

Here are 11 of my favorites....


The Web Week in Review - Special Economic Crisis Edition

Since it was pretty difficult to ignore the chaos in the financial markets this week, I decided to devote this installment of The Web Week in Review to the impact of the chaos on the technology sector.


Reputation monitoring on the cheap

Online reputation monitoring is a growing market and there are a number of companies offering such solutions.

Yet some are overkill for most businesses and many firms simply can't justify the costs.