Halfords improves e-commerce offering

A few months ago, I looked at Halfords' e-commerce site from a user experience perspective, and found it lacking in some areas.

A bit of tweaking has happened since, so it's only fair to comment on the improvements that have been made...


And so it begins

Venture capitalists are worried and urging their portfolio companies to enter survival mode. The layoffs have started. Michael Arrington has declared Web 2.0 dead.

While there are some who still cling to hope (and there are still some in outright denial), it's clear that most of the people involved with the world of internet startups have accepted the reality of the global economic "downturn" and understand that its impact on the industry will probably run deep and it will probably be prolonged.

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Q&A: BT’s Chris King on affiliate marketing

Chris King, head of affiliate sales, BT Chris King, BT's head of affiliate sales, gives us some thoughts on the telecoms and media group's online strategy and the growth prospects for the affiliate channel in a tough economic environment.

He also tells us how BT keeps the information flowing between it and super-affiliates, who of course play a big role in the company's sales efforts.


The Web Week in Review - Mobile Edition

I thought I'd focus on tracking what's going on in the world of mobile this week, so without further delay, here's what caught the eye of the mobile Drama 2.0.


The decline and fall of email for acquisition

The use of email marketing to drive customer acquisition is in significant, and terminal, decline.


Google Trends: a means to fast search engine traffic?

There was an interesting post yesterday on TechCrunch about the use of Google Trends to drive editorial.

Apparently, a number of publishers are leveraging the data from Google Trends to find hot keyword trends, and taking advantage of the blazing speed at which Google spiders new content on blogs and content sites to produce content catered specifically to those hot keywords.


E-consultancy seeks amazing US editor (NYC)

E-consultancy is opening up an office in New York and we’re on the lookout for an amazing editor, to help produce some brilliant US-flavoured content.


Owls will beat the recession, ostriches won’t

It seems fair to say that we can now start using the term ‘recession’ openly, without being called pessimists. The question is: what are you going to do about it?

To find out, you only need to figure out whether you are going to be an ostrich, or an owl.

You’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this one…


PPC roundtable briefing - impact of Google Suggest

There was a lively discussion at a E-consultancy's recent roundtable  about paid search marketing, with much of the talk predictably focusing on new services and policies from Google.

One particularly hot topic was the potential impact of Google Suggest on searchers’ behaviour from a marketer's perspective - something we've discussed before.


Google adds 'click-to-buy' links to YouTube

I haven't exactly been a big fan of YouTube (and its parent, Google) but there are signs it is moving in the right direction.

On Tuesday, Google announced on the YouTube blog that it would be adding "click-to-buy" links on the pages of videos owned by the site's partners.


Brands need a ‘search relations’ strategy in times of trouble

Paul Mead, MD, VCCP Search“Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked and never mended well”.

Benjamin Franklin’s words are particularly appropriate in these turbulent times, when it’s more important than ever for companies to consider every opportunity to protect and manage their hard won reputation and brand value.

But as Paul Mead writes, it is interesting to see that one of the largest media channels - online - is more often than not completely neglected from a communications point of view in times of strife. 


Free roundtable briefing on affiliate marketing

E-consultancy has just published its latest  Affiliate Marketing Roundtable Briefing (free to registered E-consultancy users) which covered topics such as the attribution of commissions and the policing of affiliates.