The Google paid link dilemma

Most of the discussions about paid links focus on the issue from a webmaster or SEO’s point of view.

In this post I want to have a think about the issue from Google's point of view.


The Google Trademark change – will it level the playing field?

Probably one of the most material and controversial changes for the UK and Irish paid search markets is almost upon us – the relaxation of the trademark protection Google currently affords to brands will cease on 5 May 2008.

As Ivan Izikowitz writes, some analysts and industry experts have taken the cynical view that this is merely a way for Google to stimulate volume and/or increased prices at a time when its revenue growth is slowing.

There is another perspective, however…


Are widgets the marketer's recession survival tool?

Yesterday, one of my readers pointed me in the direction of a TechCrunch guest post by Mike Jones.

Jones was CEO of Userplane, "a communications widget provider" which was acquired by AOL in 2006. He is now a Senior VP at AOL.


Q&A: Herman Gyr on innovation in the digital age

Dr Herman Gyr is a founding partner of the Enterprise Development Group and creator of the Enterprise Development Framework, a model for engaging leaders and other stakeholders in the transformation of their enterprise.

He is also the co-author of The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for Turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into Action and hosts workshops on strategic thinking and business transformation in the digital era.


Just how powerful is one link?

This week I've been looking into a few finance verticals and found an interesting illustration of just how much power one trusted link can have.


Beyond opens and clicks: why it’s time for new email metrics

Dela Quist explains how new ways of measuring email performance can boost ROI and give you a new perspective on your email strategy. Find out how customer-based metrics could transform your campaigns.


Yahoo plans to be more social

When one looks at the landscape of the social networking market, it's apparent that most of the major internet companies (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) have been left behind in one way or another.

Despite the fact that they have a presence in the market, all have played catch-up more than they've led and none has been able to fully cash in on one of the most hyped internet trends ever.

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Guardian launches new Web 2.0 sports section

The Guardian's ongoing site redesign continues this week with the launch of an all new sports section, complete with embedded video and enhanced photography.

Guardian sports site


The Web Week in Review

Most of the news that caught Drama 2.0's attention this week was primarily filled with drama in one form or another.


Q&A: Bill Flitter of Pheedo on RSS advertising

Pheedo is a US-based RSS ad network that serves ads through feeds, among other things.

We caught up with CEO and co-founder Bill Flitter to find out more about RSS  advertising and how it might finally put the debate over partial versus full feeds to bed.


Site review: Daily Mail redesign

The Daily Mail launched a new beta version of its website last week and is running it alongside the current layout so users can provide feedback.

We've taken a look at how it shapes up....

Daily Mail beta site


How the internet celebrated Earth Day

In case you missed it, Tuesday, April 22 was Earth Day. What originated in a grassroots fashion is, as Reuters points out , "an environmental event that has become increasingly political and corporate."