Q&A: Thomas Busch of Careerjet

Careerjet is a job search engine that began as a bet by its founders, Thomas Busch and Jean-Benoit Andrieu.

It appears they have won - it now aggregates content from over 59,000 sites daily, and currently displays upwards of 21m vacancies.

We talked to Busch about the site's development and the semantic technology behind its search functions.


Google's Flash indexing - good or bad for SEO?

Flash sites can be a nightmare from a user experience perspective, so we were surprised by Google's decision this week to begin to indexing content from Flash files (SWF).

One major argument against the use of Flash has been that the major search engines have been unable to effectively index the content contained within these files, so websites using this software have been losing out in the search rankings.

But the main arguments are that Flash sites are often inaccessible and their architects often try to reinvent the wheel, which leads to all manner of user experience nightmares.


The Web Week in Review

From a court ruling in the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit to reports that Microsoft is still eyeing Yahoo, Drama 2.0 found no shortage of drama in the news to attract his interest this week.


Free and low-cost PDF software programs

Providing certain documents in Adobe PDF format has many advantages. The format is open, available on almost every platform, widely-used and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on most consumer and business computers (PCs, Macs, etc.).


Tapan Bhat, SVP of Yahoo Front Doors, on Yahoo Buzz

A few months ago Yahoo! released the beta version of Yahoo! Buzz, which is a user-rated news site that is already closing in on 10m unique users per month.

Here we talk to Tapan Bhat, Senior Vice President of Front Doors, Communities and Network Services at Yahoo!, who explains more about the company's plans to encourage user participation while making friends with lots of publishers...

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Drucker applied to digital marketing

Peter Drucker is widely considered to be the father of modern management theory.

Many of his papers and books are required reading for management students and I think it'd be hard to find a top CEO who isn't familiar with his work.


Mobile roundtable - best practice debate wide open

Mobile is not a subject that attracts widespread agreement, as shown by our recent list of analyst forecasts .

And it was no different at our recent Mobile Internet Roundtable, where a lot was discussed but I don’t think was necessarily settled.


Establishing customer trust - dos and don'ts

Reports of online fraud are often enough to make customers think twice about shopping on the internet, so how can you reassure them?

There are a number of things that retailers can do to make customers feel safe about shopping online, as well as mistakes that can damage trust in an e-commerce website.

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Survey: online retailers bullish despite economic woes

Consumers may be feeling less-than-confident due to worsening economic conditions, but online retailers still have swagger in their step.


Testing for profit

Testing the content on your website is one of the most significant opportunities to drive more conversions.

Landing pages, product pages and pages in the funnel that don’t convert well can be improved for profit.

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Adding white papers and case studies to your website

If you run a business that provides information to prospective customers through a website, you may want to consider offering downloadable white papers or case studies.

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Q&A: ‘super-affiliate’ Jamie Harwood

Six years ago, Jamie Harwood, like many new affiliates, was working out of his bedroom and wondering how long it would all last. Now, he’s sitting on an estimated fortune of £18m and is one of the most successful players in the affiliate space.

Here, we talk to the head of UK Web Media about the secrets of the affiliate game and where he sees new opportunities emerging in the industry. He also tells us what retailers could be doing to improve their use of the channel and lays out his plan for international expansion.

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