Should you trust research firms?

Research firm Yankee Group has removed a report on the virtualization market "after several inaccuracies were reported".

VMware, a virtualization vendor, pointed out the inaccuracies in the report "which seemed to favor its competitor Microsoft."


EDF Energy's Rob Merrington on advertising

EDF Energy recently scored a YouTube hit with its ‘recycled film footage’ ads – the first integrated campaign the firm had created.

One of its clips reached the site’s list of Top 20 most clicked on videos in its category, attracting more than 40,000 views. But although it helped generate awareness and feedback, it did not drive many referrals.

Here, head of brand advertising Rob Merrington tells us about what EDF learned from the campaign and the role digital will play as in the run up to its Olympics sponsorship in 2012.

EDF's YouTube ad - Save Today, Save Tomorrow


Google sued regarding trademark terms and Adwords

Less than a week after Google made its controversial announcement regarding Adwords and the new trademark policy , a lawsuit in the US threatens to undermine its position.

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Facebook - an e-commerce opportunity?

Facebook’s platform boss Ben Ling was speaking at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst last week and had some interesting stuff to say about the social network’s e-commerce strategy.

One thing that stood out was that it has seemingly not given up on the 'Beacon' ads for online retailers that caused such a furore last year.


Companies pay a hefty price for record label deals

Record labels, faced with declining CD sales due in large part to rampant digital piracy at the consumer level, have increasingly been willing to "play ball" with internet companies.

The recently-announced MySpace Music joint venture between MySpace, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group is the latest example.


Are you coping with Universal Search?

Google has evolved its search results to include images, news, recent blog posts, videos and related links.

Let's build a quick to-do list to spruce up your site for Universal Search.


Filming online interviews – tips and pitfalls

More and more companies are looking for juicy SEO payback by persuading execs or clients to go in front of the camera and posting the results up on the web. 

But although video interviews can be a quick win, getting them right can be more difficult than you would think. We asked for a few pointers from James Smart, who makes corporate videos for ChannelAdvisor, Honda Racing and KPMG, among others.


Twitter has people talking about your brand

While some companies are just starting to learn how to track their reputation online, others are embracing the blogosphere and actively engaging in conversations every day.


What drives your strategy for web design?

I read an interesting article on usability and user experience posted recently on this site by Tom Stewart, the Chair of the sub-committee of the International Standards Organisation (ISO), which is responsible for the revision of ISO 13407, the international standard for Human Centred Design.

We are in the process of redesigning our site for a new platform being developed for release later this year, and the aforementioned article got me thinking about the planning for the design of a website.


Does blogging kill?

There are professions that are notoriously dangerous. Fishermen, pilots and loggers top the list of the professions with the highest fatality rates.

But if you read the New York Times piece about professional bloggers this weekend by Matt Richtel, you might now have the impression that blogging is a dangerous occupation.


Amex woes highlight common PDF accessibility problem

Recent reported accessibility problems with American Express' web statements exemplify a common challenge for financial service websites and those reliant on PDFs.


Will Google's Adwords trademark policy cause a storm in the UK?

Google is preparing for a backlash from large brands this week as details of its new trademark policy are implemented.