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High street retailers up their game on usability

A study of twenty top high street retailers shows some welcome improvements in usability standards.

There are clearly still a few issues to be addressed, but Webcredible's Online High Street report (email required) gives retailers an average score of 67.7%, up from a fairly miserable 57% last year.

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Charity search engine incurs the wrath of Google

Charity search engine has become the latest victim of the dreaded Google penalty, having been relegated to number 60  in the search engine for its brand name.

Will Critchlow has covered this on the Distilled blog, seeing no particular reason for the penalty, and speculating that the fact that Everyclick is a search engine may have something to do with it.


Email Usability – clearly we are no further down this road

I had my attention drawn recently to Jakob Nielsen’s latest post on Alertbox, entitled ‘Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages’.

In his article, Nielsen reports on his findings from a research study into the usability of confirmation and basic trigger emails. 

His conclusion is that, from a usability perspective, they are, in general, shocking (my word, not his!). 


Is your design clear or confusing? Eye-tracking can tell

Websites that have strongly invested in building traffic should be able to capture and focus people’s attention once they arrive.

However, eye-tracking analysis shows that this is not always the case.


Site review: Webtogs

Webtogs is an e-commerce startup that launched in 2007 and focuses on outdoor clothing and equipment.

Webtogs homepage

I've been taking a closer look at its website, as well as talking to Webtogs co-founder Philip Wilkinson about the design, and how the business is doing nearly 12 months after launch...


Q&A: Wayne Robbins of social shopping site Tribesmart

I reviewed social shopping site Tribesmart last month and, though it needs to add more users and products to become a valuable resource, it is a well designed and very usable site.

The site was set up by Wayne Robbins and Michael Pratt, who also run digital agency Iconography. I talked to Wayne to find out a bit more...


Pop-ups spoiling user experience on eBay

I spend a fair amount of time on eBay, but using Internet Explorer 7 to shop on the auction site has become a bit of a nghtmare recently.

This is because I keep getting pop-ups whenever I click to view an item on the site, with a security warning related to internet telephony service Skype, which eBay acquired in 2006.


What is the best screen resolution to use for your website?

When reviewing new or redesigned websites, I've noticed a few that don't fill the whole screen, which has got me thinking about the best way for designers to approach the issue.

It's impossible to ensure that your website looks the same in every browser, mobile device, or screen resolution, but there are ways to deal with the problem.


Q&A: Daniel Lee of

Globrix is a property search engine that was launched earlier this year, backed by News International.

I looked at the site a few weeks ago, and was impressed by its simple, stripped-down user interface, as well as the number of listings.

Here, we talk to Globrix CEO Daniel Lee about the online property market and where he sees the site heading...


Transactional emails failing usability tests - Nielsen

Transactional emails can be useful for building trust and improving customer service, but many are not as user-friendly as they could be.

That's Jakob Nielsen's verdict in his latest Alertbox post, in which he details tests of a range of emails; customer service responses and order confirmations.

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Site review: Figleaves redesign

Online lingerie retailer recently launched a revamped version of its website, aiming for more of a high quality look and feel.  

Figeaves homepage

I've taken a look to see how it compares...


Opera - most HTML code isn't standards compliant

Last week, Opera released the results of a survey conducted using its MAMA (Metadata Analysis and Mining Application) search engine.

The engine, which currently indexes 3.5m web pages, is designed to track "how web pages are structured."