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What should 'continue shopping' mean?

When customers have added items to their basket and want to continue shopping, where should they end up on your website?

Not the homepage; as Brendan Regan points out on GrokDotCom, the 'homepage dump' is a user experience mistake to avoid, so where should they be sent instead? 

I've been looking through a few retailers' sites for examples of good and bad practice in this area...


How is M&S handling its pre-Xmas sale online?

M&S launched a 'one day spectacular' sale today, in an effort to attract more shoppers in the run-up to Christmas, offering 20% off just about everything.

Rival high street retailer Debenhams also has a sale on at the moment, offering 25% discounts, so how are these offers communicated to customers and handled online? 


Q&A: Richard Weaver of Majestic Wines

Majestic Wines has been in the news this week,with the slowing economy hitting the company's pre tax profits.

Despite the drop in offline sales, Majestic continues to grow online, with an impressive 11.5% year on year increase in website orders compared with last year.

I have been talking to Majestic Wines' e-commerce manager Richard Weaver about the company's approach to selling wine online...

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Tips for reserve and collect services

Plenty of shoppers are researching online and buying offline, so the 'reserve and collect' services offered by multichannel retailers are a great tool.

When done well, they can help customers check whether items are in stock before they actually go and visit a store, as well as providing another option when products are unavailable for delivery.


Fight club: BBC Mobile v ITV Mobile

ITV has been adding more video content to its mobile service recently, as well as promoting it between TV programmes.

With this in mind, I decided to take a look at the site and compare it with the BBC's offering, which was upgraded earlier this year...


Site review: revamp

The Financial Times began rolling out changes to its website earlier this week, with a new look and very pink homepage being the first major update.  

 Redesigned homepage

This is the first stage of an ongoing redesign process and so far it looks like a big improvement. I've taken a closer look at the changes...


Q&A: mydeco CEO David Kelly on e-commerce

Launched in beta earlier this year by a team of 20+, mydeco is an affiliate-cum-online media property focused on selling interior design products and hosting a community for home furnishing shoppers.

We caught up with CEO David Kelly to talk about the site’s planned launch of widgets, its focus on driving conversions through 3D room-planning software, and the way it has gone about building its design and development team.


How can publishers can improve site search?

I spend a lot of time on newspaper and other publishers' sites, and am often amazed at how bad their site search functions can be.

A lot of sites have been redesigned over the past year or so, and have improved a lot, but their search functions can still be patchy.

Here are a few thoughts on how they could be improved...


Site review: GetSatisfaction

GetSatisfaction is a website that provides a possible alternative for both companies and customers to resolve online customer service queries.


Get Satisfaction allows users to post feedback about their experiences with a company or to simply ask a question about products or services, and allows companies to respond directly and publicly.

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404 error pages, news sites and user experience

How should a website handle errors? What kind of information and messages should be presented to the user? And will a one-size fits all approach do the job?

Our own 404 page is pretty lame, so we’ve been thinking about the various ways in which we can improve things, as part of our year-long project to provide you with a glorious new E-consultancy website (due in early-2009).

I have also analysed the 404 pages of 10 of the most popular news sites, to see how other publishers are faring.


The human phone booths of Colombia

The sharing of mobile phones is an interesting phenomenon, and an example of market competition in action.  

It also means phone usability in that market is important as people switch between different phones.

Columbia - mobile phone sharing

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Site review: Fresh Apps

Fresh Apps, currently in beta, aims to make it easier to search and find useful iPhone apps than is currently possible on iTunes.

Fresh Apps

It can be tricky to search through the sheer number of apps in the iTunes Store, so has Fresh Apps made it a smoother process?