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Novartis launches a social network for heart failure

When pharma giant Novartis first started marketing Entresto, a heart failure drug, it found itself facing criticism from cardiologists and consumers who felt the company's direct-to-consumer ads were far too negative.

But following that criticism, Novartis has taken a much different approach to promoting Entresto.


Why Lidl's Xmas 'Social Price Drop' campaign is no turkey

No matter where you shop, Christmas tends to be a big old drain on the bank balance.

Lidl, the UK’s fastest-growing supermarket, has just launched a social campaign with this in mind. 

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How Glossier has used Instagram to create a cult following

From Estee Lauder to Clinique – the biggest beauty brands in the world have been heavily building on their digital presence over the past five years, particularly on social media. 

In contrast to this, one of the most talked-about new brands on the block, Glossier, has been built on digital from the very start.

Zazzle Media Programmatic Post

How programmatic out-of-home can aid influencer marketing campaigns

Content marketing as we know it has reached its peak, and things are about to change.

The quality of content being created is at its highest, but the syndication and effectiveness of the content has become the most bottlenecked area due to the vast amount of it.


How are disruptive brands redefining marketing?

Previously in our series on disruptive startups, we’ve spoken about how to make your mark and how to find the right talent to drive your business forward.

Now, it’s time to move on to what it takes to devise and execute a truly disruptive marketing model.


How fashion magazines are adapting to the influence of digital

Within the fast-paced world of fashion journalism, print and digital no longer exist in silos. 

For some publications, targeting the tech-savvy reader is becoming more of a priority than ever before.

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Following Donald Trump's election, the war against algorithms has begun

Algorithms run the internet.

On Google, an algorithm determines which sites appear in search results, and where. On Facebook, an algorithm determines which content makes it into each user's News Feed.


Could Musical.ly be the next big social video platform?

Last week, Twitter announced the impending closure of Vine.

Despite being bad news for creators and fans alike, it doesn’t mean the demand for social video is dead.

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10 brands using Tumblr to inspire positivity in young people

Social media was recently reported to have contributed to a rise in mental health issues among young people.

But while Instagram and Facebook can evoke feelings of negativity, Tumblr is one platform that is better known for being far more positive.


Three ways marketers can deal with the abundance of content

Marketers love content – the themes and stories that really bring to life the essence of a brand.

However, the best content is literally worthless if not managed properly. And new channels are popping up every day.


How six online retailers are combatting wrong-size returns

According to recent research, serial returners are on the rise.

This is the term used to describe online shoppers who send back more items than they keep.

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The UK's top 10 most popular lifestyle brands on Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a place for celebrity selfies and FOMO-inducing travel snaps.

Now with 500m monthly active users, it offers an unbeatable marketing opportunity for brands of all kinds.