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10 interesting digital marketing stats we've seen this week

Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we've seen this week.

Stats include smartphone search CTR, mobile security, digital marketing budgets in 2013, search traffic, online video ad viewing and the impact of Facebook ads.

For more digital marketing stats, check out our Internet Statistics Compendium.


Start Me Up! A profile of 


Leadfindr is a new startup from Mark Rogers, Raoul Urma and Econsultancy guest blogger Justin Rees. It is a social media lead generation platform that enables brands to use social media to find genuine prospects.

I've been asking Justin and Mark about Leadfindr, the business model behind it, and the company's plans for world domination...


Econsultancy's social media showdown hits #SMWNY 2013

Next week marks the fifth year of Social Media Week in New York and this looks like the biggest one ever. With sessions around the globe, the team has events in  NYC, Lagos, Hamburg, Copenhagen, DC, Miami, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore. Alongside four content hubs at Bloomberg, 92Y Tribeca, JWT, and Hearst, New York will also boast a global HQ including a state of the art, experimental space presented in partnership with MKG and Crowdcentric.

Of course, the most exciting part is that Econsultancy will not only have it's own event with a few of our own staff on panels but as global media partners, we'll be covering some of the 150 events taking place between February 18-22, 2013.

As usual, Econsultancy is trying something a bit different with it's Social Media Showdown at Whole Foods Tribeca.


How can data fuel creativity?

In a world where retargeting with dynamic ads seems like the only option to improve creative through data, marketers are beginning to look at what other options exist, for both brand and performance advertisers to run better campaigns.


American Express syncs with Twitter. Gimmick or new social commerce platform?

Strides in social commerce have been made with Facebook and Pinterest but, until today, brands and ecommerce specialists haven't been able to crack the code when it came to Twitter.

American Express and Twitter have announced they are joining forces by allowing members to sync their Amex cards with their Twitter accounts and then tweet special hashtags to make purchases.

This is not the first foray into connecting American Express member cards with social networks. They have focused on the interconnection with commerce and social since it launched its Link Like Love program with Facebook in 2011 and they have been promoting Twitter deals since last year.

But is this Twitter partnership just another gimmick or something more?


Seven techniques for providing a tablet optimised user experience

In ecommerce, tablets are now finally being recognised as an entirely distinct category than smartphones, so the overarching mobile category is no longer relevant.

As such, businesses can’t rely on having a single mobile strategy to cover both devices. Tablet shoppers can expect to be treated to an excellent user experience that fits with the capabilities of their device.

It's a topic we've discussed in more detail in a post about the opportunities that tablets present for marketers, as well as highlighting 10 ecommerce sites that have catered to tablet users by embracing responsive design.

And in order to help sites deliver this experience, Mobify has come up with seven techniques for providing a tablet optimised user experience...

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Mobiles and games consoles account for 12% of online video ad viewing: report

Devices such as smartphones, tablets and games consoles accounted for 12% of all online video ad viewing in Q4 2012, an increase from just 2% year-on-year.

Apple continues to dominate non-desktop video viewing, with 60% of viewing taking place on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

In comparison, Android devices make up 31% of non-desktop viewing, though it’s held back the by the iPad’s dominance of the tablet market.

The data come from FreeWheel’s Video Monetisation Report, which also shows that online video viewing increased by 23% from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012.

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Research: Where will Australian marketing dollars be spent during 2013?

The recent State of Digital in Australia 2013 report, produced by Econsultancy and Marketing Magazine, has revealed some interesting stats around the use of offline and online marketing channels and highlights which online channels marketers are planning to spend the big dollars on this year. 

Notably, the report also shows how companies are planning to dedicate more of their budget and time towards digital. 


Top 100 brands see huge growth in Google+ and YouTube in 2012

It's not surprising that Google+ adoption has increased over the past year as Google has integrated the social platform with all its services and YouTube is on the rise as more brands are offering video as part of their content and marketing strategies. But what are the big brands doing?

This morning BrightEdge released their latest Social Share report focusing on social media adoption trends of the top 100 global brands. This quarter, they are focusing on Google with the latest on Google+ and YouTube.


Super Bowl ads 2013: Touchdowns & let downs

It’s that time of year again.  A time where teams come together, exhibiting strategy, tactics, and know-how to attempt to rank above others. A time where lots of careful planning and execution boils down to a “make it or break it” finale. That time of year is Super Bowl Ad season, of course.

While many advertisers gave it their best shot, only a few reigned supreme. Though there has been plenty of analysis of this topic, here’s my recount on the good, the bad and the awkward.


The movement to viewable ads vs served ads: infographic

As we begin to sift the huge amounts of data at our fingertips, we are starting to see a move toward better advertising solutions: more targeted and more relevant ads served to potential customers who will actually act on them. This is needed in display advertising more than any other.

In 2012, we started to see publications shift toward more effective types of inventory from ad servers. Sites such as Forbes and USA Today have moved from allowing served ads to viewable ads, which means advertisers aren't being charged for ads that aren't seen by the consumer. 

Some may consider this a bold move, and those serving the inventory are likely to unhappy with this move, but a movement to a viewable ad measurement, will make the ROI of display advertising reflect the actual truth of what is seen.

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Seven Premier League clubs that use Twitter's Vine

In general, Premier League clubs were quick to see the potential of social marketing as it’s obviously a great way of communicating with fans.

We’ve previously blogged data that shows Chelsea are the top club in terms of social visibility, as well taking a more in-depth look at Manchester City’s social strategy.

And to find out which teams are most on-the-ball with new developments, I thought it would be interesting to look at which clubs have begun using Twitter’s new Vine app.

For the uninitiated, Vine is an iOS app that allows users to post six second video clips through Twitter. The images below are Gifs so may take a second to load, but you can click on them to link to the original Vine...