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Posts tagged with You Tube

Too big to fail: YouTube and the case for ad supported content

What will the Internet do when it no longer has YouTube to kick around? The video giant's business model has been categorically maligned since Google bought it for $1.7 billion in 2006. Except now it looks like YouTube is turning the corner toward profitability. 

And if the video giant is to be believed, all those user-generated cat videos aren't bad for business.

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Google continues growing, slowly

All eyes were on Google yesterday afternoon when the search engine giant reported its earnings for the second quarter. Because of its position, Google has served as a sort of proxy for gauging the global recession's effects on the internet economy.

Based on Google's results, there's good news and bad news. The good news: things could be far worse. The bad news: things could be far better.


Warner Music Can't Go For Keyboard Cat

Fatso the Cat playing "You Make My Dream Come True" to images of Helen Hunt throwing herself out a window may have gotten over 376,000 views on YouTube, but Warner Music wasn't about to let the owner's violation of its copyright go unpunished. 

This week the music company decided to pull its Hall & Oates audio from a Keyboard Cat video and put an end to the video's viral growth.

Instead, Warner lost an opportunity to monetize its back catalog and angered plenty of web surfers in the proces.


Longer online videos pave the way for increased ad dollars

Online video began as a short form medium, but  as creators and audiences become more comfortable with longer videos online, advertising dollars will surely follow suit.

Sites like Hulu and YouTube have been focused on branding partnerships for professional video content online. And consumers are proving that they have the attention span for longer content.

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Facebook: from discreet social network to digital voyeur central?

Facebook's changes to the way it deals with privacy and sharing settings represent a major shift in the type of social networking Facebook is encouraging its users to engage in.

The company has long prided itself on giving users the ability to control who sees what you share on its network and even went so far as to create a privacy regime that many found overly complicated.

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Online video ads: New formats in search of an audience

Is online video advertising undervalued? The online video ad market is estimated to grow to between $2 and $7 billion by 2012. But that's still a drop in the bucket compared to the $70 billion television ad market.

Online publishers and advertisers are frantically creating new formats and content to entice viewers online, but the hurdle in online video ad profitability may have less to do with the quality of the advertising than the quality of the audience.

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YouTube may be more useful to Google than previously thought

YouTube's success to date has been measured by its ability to sell ads against video content, but that may be the wrong metric for measuring the video giant's profitability.

Today, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that YouTube is monetizing according to schedule. But is advertising the only means to reaping YouTube's money making potential? It might also have to do with the information gathering possibilities YouTube presents for the search giant.

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Comcast to offer free content online — to paid subscribers

Comcast and Time Warner are pairing up to offer more of their content for free online — to people who already subscribe to their cable channels on television. Starting in July, the cable companies will let a group of about 5,000 subscribers access that content online.

The new model will make it harder for people to access television content online for free. And while cable companies will not yet be able to monetize online viewing as profitably as they do offline, the migration of their content online should help them get a foot in the door for charging for that content down the road.

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YouTube gets users to rate its advertising

Video giant YouTube is still struggling to turn its impressive popularity into revenue for its parent company Google, and a new shift in advertising options may just get YouTube viewers to help the site figure out those profitability issues.

Part of YouTube's problem stems from its content and figuring out what kind of advertising makes sense paired with user generated videos. But starting today, the video giant is enlisting viewers to say what ads should go where.

YouTube is beginning to let users choose what ads they will see paired with individual videos. The switch will serve the same purpose of asking viewers to rate advertising content, and could go a long way toward figuring out what kind of advertising works on the site.

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#IranElection and #CNNFail: lacking #context

Twitter's utility as a means to share breaking news is not new. Its track record includes the bombings in Mubai and the landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.

Over the weekend, Twitter became a hotbed for reporting and discussion of the contentious presidential election in Iran.


Lonelygirl15 creators give up on original content

The creators of one of the web's most successful video shows are giving up on creating new content. Due to the financial deifficulty of branding original concepts, EQAL (the makers of lonelygirl15) have stopped producing original content.

Struggling to find advertising partners able to support their original content online, EQAL will now focus on creating video with stars that already have established audiences, like FoodNetwork star Paula Dean.

According to NewTeeVee:

"First up is Get Cookin’; the reality TV/cooking show hybrid follows Deen on the road, and fans will be encouraged to upload their own videos and blog posts. There’s also a pending project for CSI-creator Anthony Zuiker, called Level26.com (pictured), a “digi-novel” that includes online and actual bound book storytelling, as well The Kind Life, a green-centric series fronted by actress Alicia Silverstone."


The A-Z of social media for brands

Here’s an A-Z braindump that I compiled in about an hour. It is aimed at providing a snapshot of what social media is all about, and what brands need to focus on before wading in.

The A-to-Z of social mediaYou might be familiar with social media, but hopefully you'll give me a pass as some of this stuff bears repeating. However I think this A-Z is going to be more useful if you’re somebody who is trying to convince your boss that adopting a social media strategy is a good idea (it is). Good luck with that!