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Wither widgets?

It wasn't too long ago that we were told widgets were the marketer's recession survival tool and that Facebook's application platform, which allows developers to build widgets for the social network's users, heralded the ushering in of another "new economy."

My how quickly times change.


Q&A:’s Marc Webber on online video content

Marc Webber is the head of content at and the man in charge of developing its fast-growing broadband TV service.

Here, we ask him about the progress the broadcaster is making with its catch-up TV and made-for-web content, as well as in developing new revenue streams like product placement.


Will Facebook's Engagement Advertisements engage?

Facebook's ill-fated Beacon failed to successfully solve the problem that has plagued advertisers on social networks - dismal results.

In fact, it became a legal liability for some of them.


Ning blocks popular widget provider, leaves users in the dark

Ning, the social networking startup co-founded by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, gives individuals and companies the ability to build their own social networks using the company's hosted platform.

Funded to the tune of over $100m on a half a billion valuation, Ning has been the subject of a considerable amount of hype.


The Web Week in Review

It was a slow news week in the world of technology as far as I was concerned, but there were still a few stories that caught my eye.

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When third-party code takes your site down

Some very popular websites learned the hard way this past weekend that placing third-party code in your website's pages is a liability.

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Pictures from the E-consultancy Digital Sail event

E-consultancy’s first Digital Sail Regatta took place last week, with seven yachts and one rib commandeered by some of the UK internet industry’s saltiest dogs.

Team E-consultancy


25 useful Wordpress plugins for bloggers

Open source blogging platform Wordpress can be enhanced with the use of free plugins which can help you manage comments and spam, as well as improving SEO and user experience.

We've put together a list of some of the most useful plugins for Wordpress...


Doritos invites user-generated TV ad

Doritos, the tortilla corn crisp brand owned by PepsiCo, has launched a new online campaign to engage users with an interactive website, user generated content and strong links to social networking sites.

Historically, FMCG brands have been slow to embrace online marketing as they have struggled to deliver a compelling creative message and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Are widgets the marketer's recession survival tool?

Yesterday, one of my readers pointed me in the direction of a TechCrunch guest post by Mike Jones.

Jones was CEO of Userplane, "a communications widget provider" which was acquired by AOL in 2006. He is now a Senior VP at AOL.


LinkedIn gets a new homepage

Professional social network LinkedIn has launched a series of changes to its homepage and added a new system of navigation.

LinkedIn homepage


Random House's Ros Lawler on widgets and Web 2.0

Publishing group Random House is set to launch a widget programme next month in a bid to mine the long tail of the online book market.

The move is the latest form of digital content to be developed by the company as it seeks to extend the reach of its products.

We caught up with digital marketing and publicity manager Ros Lawler to ask about the scheme, as well as the company's other online marketing ideas.