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One of my new favourite web tools is called, a kickass URL shortener with a difference.

Essentially, is, backed by the interesting folks at Betaworks, is a next-gen version of TinyURL, replete with some advanced features that you might find useful.

And where TinyURL has stood still, has innovated...


How charities can learn from Obama's online campaign

Whatever your political views, it's hard not to be impressed by the way in which Barack Obama used the internet to get his message across.

From YouTube channels to Twitter and Facebook accounts, Obama's team showed a real understanding of online media to campaign and raise funds for the candidate.

There is plenty that charities could glean from the Obama campaign's online marketing, and much of it didn't cost the earth...


Site review: GetSatisfaction

GetSatisfaction is a website that provides a possible alternative for both companies and customers to resolve online customer service queries.


Get Satisfaction allows users to post feedback about their experiences with a company or to simply ask a question about products or services, and allows companies to respond directly and publicly.

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Site review: Fresh Apps

Fresh Apps, currently in beta, aims to make it easier to search and find useful iPhone apps than is currently possible on iTunes.

Fresh Apps

It can be tricky to search through the sheer number of apps in the iTunes Store, so has Fresh Apps made it a smoother process? 


Social network advertising options

While it's widely accepted that advertising on social networks can be a mixed bag in terms of results; for certain types of campaigns, it may be worth giving a shot.

If you're interested in dipping your toes in social network advertising, here's a list of the ways you can reach users on social networks.


A look at Enterprise 2.0

As consumer-focused Web 2.0 startups start to feel the pain, one might argue that there will be an increased focus on bringing Web 2.0 to the enterprise.

My favorite research firm, Forrester Research, has projected that enterprise spending on Web 2.0 applications for businesses, also called Enterprise 2.0, will reach $4.6 billion by 2013.


Is your e-commerce channel performing as well as it could?

Despite the growth in the e-commerce channel, many retailers are still unable to make truly informed decisions regarding the strategic development of e-commerce in their business, as they are unable to effectively benchmark the performance of the channel.

This is the case for both retailers who think they're performing well and those who don't.


Facebook music - sweet song of success or final ballad of failure?

The New York Post recently reported that Facebook, perhaps spurred on by the launch of MySpace Music, is now serious about pursuing a music service of its own.


ITN plots news on Google Maps has started using Google Maps technology to pinpoint news stories for users based on their current location.

ITN news Google maps mashup

The mashup is the result of a partnership between ITN and Google, using Google's 'Gears Location API' which pinpoints a user's mobile or wi-fi access point and serves news based on that location.

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Usable internal software systems – just a pipedream?

Usability as a criteria for judging internal software solutions is not only overlooked but often undervalued when compared to one of its big sisters, so called ‘cost reducing features’.

With the penetration of enterprise software throughout businesses all over the world, will we as end users ever experience user friendly internal software, to the levels to which we are accustomed with the latest ‘user centered’ web applications?


Q&A: Wayne Robbins of social shopping site Tribesmart

I reviewed social shopping site Tribesmart last month and, though it needs to add more users and products to become a valuable resource, it is a well designed and very usable site.

The site was set up by Wayne Robbins and Michael Pratt, who also run digital agency Iconography. I talked to Wayne to find out a bit more...


Pop-ups spoiling user experience on eBay

I spend a fair amount of time on eBay, but using Internet Explorer 7 to shop on the auction site has become a bit of a nghtmare recently.

This is because I keep getting pop-ups whenever I click to view an item on the site, with a security warning related to internet telephony service Skype, which eBay acquired in 2006.