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How Vine lost its edge

Or how I lost my faith in my once favourite social network.

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22 best branded Vines from March 2015

Welcome to our monthly round-up of the best branded Vines from the last four weeks.


Is Meerkat the next big thing in social media?

This year's SXSW star is Meerkat, an app that allows users to live stream video from their mobile phones.


How mouth-watering is Krispy Kreme’s social media strategy?

I asked the same question of Dunkin' Donuts last year, and frankly it was an easy one to answer.

Dunkin’ Donuts has been doing excellent work since it landed on social six years ago, with great personal interaction on Twitter, mouth-watering video content on Vine and dangerously tempting images posted on Instagram.


20 best branded Vines from February 2015

Welcome to our monthly round-up of the best branded Vines from the last four weeks.

It being February you can expect the usual mixture of Valentine, pancake and Oscar related mirth, along with the odd abominable snowman and terrible joke thrown in for good measure.

It’s an eclectic mix, so pop your headphones on and try your best to concentrate for all of two minutes. Here are the best Vines of February 2015.


15 best branded Vines from January 2015

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of all that’s tiny and branded.

No not Prince after accidentally wandering on to a cattle ranch, I’m talking about Vine. The home of six-second-long social video, where marketers try to make the most of a short running time with as much ingenuity as they can.

Here are the best of January 2015.


17 best branded Vines from December 2014

Against all expectations, not all of these branded Vines from December are actually Christmas related.

In fact five of them are stoically unfestive, however they are also too good not to highlight, so I’ll present them first before hurling the remaining 12 Vines of Christmas down your chimney.


30 of the best Vines of 2014

Don’t tell Instagram video this but *looks around to check Instagram isn’t within hearing distance* I like Vine more.

Vine encourages a level of innovation, humour, imagination and low-budget ‘can-do’ spirit that sees brands step out of their comfort zone and become much more human. Meanwhile brands on Instagram can still hide behind its many filters, tools and longer running time to remain as impersonal as a TV ad.


25 best branded Vines from November 2014

It’s our monthly round-up of the very best branded Vines of the past four weeks.

For your 150 seconds of pleasure this month we have a big name celebrity whose time has been exploited for all its worth, a mystical pizza snatcher of legend and some mild mistreatment of a plastic doll.


The current social media landscape: statistics

The last time we heard, Facebook was struggling with ‘waves of disenfranchised youngsters looking for a hipper alternative’.

Twitter is apparently struggling, with a drop in daily engagement, projected sales for the next three months falling short of expectations and a stock price plummet.

Instagram has stuck the knife into fledgling platform Vine by offering similar video capabilities for its already large incumbent audience. Brands seem to prefer it too. 

It’s not looking pretty out there for our favourite social networks. Of course, whether you trust any of the above reports depends heavily on how much sway you have with the respected sources and how much confirmation bias is at work.

Let’s take a look at some actual statistics to see how healthy social media channels are in 2014.

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21 best branded Vines from October 2014

It’s that time again: the final few days of the month where my daily trawling of the social video ocean finally pays off.

Personally I’m hoping for nothing but wall-to-wall Halloween themed Vines this month, being as it’s not only my favourite time of the year but also because I’ve been saving some really good puns for this occasion.

Will my prayers be answered? Will Halloween be overlooked for other less spooky events? When will you begin to question the artifice of me writing this introduction as if I haven’t already begun looking yet?

Two of these questions will be answered (at most) in the following round-up...


18 best branded Vines from September 2014

It’s your one-stop shop for all things six-seconds in length with a commercially creative twist.

September saw brilliant Vines from Samsung, Disney and Chrysler covering a broad range of topics including Halloween, classic sports footage and laptop smashing.

For even more economically delivered branded marvels, check out last month’s Vine round-up.