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The Independent releases iPad app for 'i'

The Independent last week launched an iPad version of 'i' the compact, reduced price version of the newspaper. 

The app currently has an offer for five free issues if users register, but will charge £1.79 for 10 issues or £2.99 for 20. I've been seeing how it works...



Murdoch and Branson: blinded by the iPad's glare?

In the run-up to the launch of the iPad, there was a lot of talk about the impact Apple's tablet computing device would have on traditional publishers. For some, including publishing execs, the iPad was seen as potential source of revitalization for newspapers and magazines.

While it remains to be seen whether or not the iPad will be as beneficial to traditional publishers as many hoped, it has become clear that finding success on the iPad isn't any easier than finding success in the broader market.

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Top ten iPad alternatives

iPadThe iPad's been around for a while now, and although reviews have generally been positive, their are a few Flash and USB-shaped tweaks that many consumers are clamouring for.

Luckily, every electronics company worth their salt has decided to ignore Steve Jobs’ recent disparaging comments and are currently rushing out hundreds of slate computing options in the hope of slicing off a piece of the sure-to-be-massive tablet computing pie.

With so many quirkily named Korean imports doing the rounds, we decided it was time to have a look through the top options and see how they shape up, and if they could be responsible for the iPad’s recent poor market performance.

 Just in time for Christmas, here are my top ten alternative tablet options:


Is the tablet computing era about to begin?

When Apple released the iPad earlier this year, there was a lot of discussion and debate about the fate of tablet devices. Was there a need for them? Did consumers really want them? Where in the computing food chain might they fit in?

Months later, Apple has sold millions iPads, confirming at a minimum that there is a market for tablet devices. But it's still not clear what impact they'll have on computing over the long-term.


Is Windows dead? Hardly

Earlier this week, Apple made an announcement that produced many headlines: in the 80 days following the debut of the iPad, the company has sold 3m tablets. For those of us who wondered if the iPad would sell, the answer is clearly a resounding "Yes!"

Not surprisingly, Apple's early success with the iPad has given a new form of ammunition to those who believe that the PC's best days are behind it. Even Steve Jobs stated earlier this month, "PCs are going to be like trucks. They’re still going to be around, they’re still going to have a lot of value, but they’re going to be used by one out of X people."

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Is Flash a fit for mobiles? We'll soon find out

In April, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explained in detail why consumers aren't going to see Flash support on the iPhone and iPad. Long story short: Adobe Flash "is no longer necessary." Although Apple's lack of support for Flash is often cited as an iPhone/iPad drawback, Flash certainly isn't going to win a whole lot of popularity contests either. But the question remains: is there a place for Flash in the mobile market?

We may soon have an answer.