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Compete: Traffic is up at travel sites online. But don't call it a comeback yet.

The end of the recession has been very slow coming, and for the travel industry, very eagerly anticipated. Towards the end of 2009, airlines began to see lost revenues returning, but according to Compete, that has more to do with diversification than large increases in air travel. 

According to the analytics firm, many airline websites have partnered with other travel retailers to offer cruises, hotels and car rentals. The trend has helped buoy sales and site visits in 2009. But is it sustainable?

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20+ mind-blowing social media statistics revisited

It’s around six months since I last threw out some truly mindboggling pieces of data surrounding social media. So, what’s happened between then and now

I try to put as much information as I can into Econsultancy’s Social Media Statistics, which is part of our Stats Compendium (a truly awesome resource) but I find it’s always interesting to go back and review the old against the new.

So, I’ve collected as much as I can from my previous insane snippets of data and benchmarked it against the here and now, alongside rooting out some new stuff for you to mull over.


Retailers risk losing customers between channels

A new report suggests that multichannel retailers need to integrate their offline and online inventory more closely to avoid losing sales as customers switch between channels.

According to the Multichannel Retail Report from GSI Commerce, if customers can't find an item instore and decide to look for it online, 69% would compare prices across other websites, meaning that risk losing potential sales to rivals.


Online retailers see fraud as a major threat - report

57% of merchants see online fraud as the greatest threat to their business, while they expect to lose an average of 1.8% of their income to fraud.

This is one of the findings from Cybersource's 2010 UK Online Fraud Report, which surveys consumers and retailers about how fraud affects their business and shopping habits.


Etailers offering more flexible delivery options - survey

More online retailers are now beginning to offer more flexibility in their delivery options, such as next-day and Saturday delivery.

According to the new E-commerce Retail Delivery Report from Snow Valley, 64% of the retailers studied provide choices for customers about when the delivery
would arrive.

However, a lot of online retailers still have some way to go to offer the kind of flexibility that online shoppers would like.

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Customer experience stats round up

Here's a selection of recent customer experience related stats, taken from a range of sources, including Econsultancy's Customer Experience Statistics document, which forms part of the Internet Statistics Compendium, and other reports...

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Report finds barriers to mobile internet adoption

A new study has found several barriers to mainstream adoption of mobile internet, finding that 76% of UK mobile users don't access the internet through their phones.

This is the finding of the six month Brandheld study by Essential Research. Barriers to adoption include handset limitations, perceived costs of mobile internet use, and the complexity of the technology.


Retailers are stepping up their digital efforts in 2010

Retail has been hard business in this recession, but over the 2009 holiday season, there were many winners, and those companies that learned how to listen and serve their customers online reached well deserved sales figures.

Traditional retailers have worked hard to compete with online brands on price and consumer satisfaction. And while they may not have reached their goals just yet, they are getting closer. According to a new survey from RIS and IHL Group, many retailers are focusing on improving their cross-channel capabilities in 2010. And if there's a lesson from 2009, it's that those retailers that don't keep up in digital will fall behind in sales goals overall.

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Magna: Ad spending will be flat in 2010

For those hoping for an advertising rebound in 2010, Interpublic's Magna has some disheartening news. The trend tracking company expects ad spend to sink this quarter and rebound thereafter. But that means growth will remain stagnant for 2010. And after two miserable years for the ad market, that is not good news.

But on the bright side, this is a positive revision of the company's previous numbers.


The secret to Skype's success: Growing the online phone market

Online telephone company Skype has been making headlines today for its impressive growth over the last year. According to new research from TeleGeography, Skype now accounts for 12% of all long distance calls.

But is the company eating its competitors' lunches or growing the telephony market? Signs point to the latter. But that doesn't mean long distance carriers have less to worry about.


Mobile app growth will be ad-driven appConsumers will spend $6.2 billion this year on mobile apps, downloading 4.5 billion times from app stores. Yet eight out of 10 app downloads won't be sold at all, but rather be free to end users. Advertising and marketing will close the revenue gap.

These findings come from Gartner, which forecasts worldwide mobile app downloads will exceed 21.6 billion by 2013. Free downloads will account for 82 per cent of all downloads this year, 87 per cent three years hence.

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Are US retailers sending too many emails?

According to a report released last week, the 100 top online retailers in the US sent an average of 132 promotional emails to each of their subscribers.

Perhaps this is a tactic that is working for some of these retailers, but surely by sending so many emails, retailers run the risk of damaging the relationship built up with a customer...