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Posts tagged with Statistics

12 stupefying stats from around the digital world

Stats! A-ah! They’ll save every one of us.

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the very best digital marketing stats from around the online world and ever so slightly beyond.

On a side note, I’m starting to run out of synonyms for ‘interesting’ now. I think I’ve managed 14 different variations so far. If you can think of any more, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. (Basically do my work for me, thanks).


12 dumbfounding stats from around the digital world

Not just letting one stat out of the bag, but 12 of the little rascals.

Now gather round to see these brand new internet stats as they slowly open their eyes, yawn, stretch and encounter the great wide world for the very first time.


12 illuminating ecommerce stats from January-March 2015

Every week we publish a round-up of the best digital marketing stats, and every month we update our gigantic Internet Statistics Compendium. We basically love stats here at Econsultancy and we've got loads of them.

Which is why I I’ve decided to start collecting some of the most interesting stats from the last few months here in a handy digest.

So here are some interesting and hopefully useful stats taken from the world of ecommerce.


11 staggering stats from around the digital world

I’m qualified to statisfy you

I think that’s what Barry White sang. I have been known to mishear lyrics. Perhaps the Walrus of Love studied for a degree in Analytics and Data Science before devoting his career full-time to wooing ladies with his sonorous baritone.

It’s entirely likely. He loved a good round-up of the most interesting online marketing stats as much as the next person, and hopefully that next person is you.


14 astonishing stats from around the digital world

Putting the ‘stat’ in Jason Statham, here’s your ass-kicking round-up of all the very best internet marketing stats from around the online world this week, written by somebody who clearly doesn’t know how to pronounce Jason Statham properly.



11 enthralling stats from around the digital world

Stat me up!

If you stat me up I’ll never stop! Well actually I’ll stop after 11 statistics, being as it’s getting close to lunch and I need to go to the post office, but still… there’ll be enough here to keep you going for a short while.

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the most fascinating internet marketing stats from around the digital world, and slightly beyond.


12 engrossing stats from around the digital world

Stat’s just the way it is. Some things will never change.

Welcome to the weekly round-up of all the best internet statistics and data analysis from around the digital marketing and ecommerce world (and slightly beyond).

Although the stats may change, our determination to bring you the very best insight will remain forever undaunted. 


13 enthralling stats from around the digital world

Like a stat out of hell I’ll be gone when the morning comes.

Just like Meat Loaf wailed in his popular hard rock anthem all the best internet stats arrive with the sirens screaming and the fires howling, but sooner than you can say “hmm that is an interesting stat” it has already hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver-black phantom bike.

But don’t be sad, two out of three stats aren’t bad.

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15 captivating stats from around the digital world

Well I guess stats why they call it the blues.

And you can beat those January blues with our first digital marketing stats round-up of the new year. Filled to the brim with the very best data analysis on online marketing and ecommerce this week.

Then maybe afterwards we can find out exactly where the brim of the internet really is.


11 magnificent stats from around the digital world

I want it stat way!

This is the last online marketing stats round-up before Christmas, a time when we can all down our data-vizs, forget all about data and remember we had a family.


13 insightful stats from around the digital world

Stats entertainment.

And by golly I’ll be wringing as much entertainment as I possibly can from this latest collection of up-to-date internet stats and data sent to us from researchers, analysts and statisticians across the digital marketing realm.


Social media stats: end-of-year state of play

As we barrel towards the end of 2014, let’s round-up how all the major players in the social web currently stand.

Has the mighty Facebook finally been usurped by a hipper, younger network? Has Snapchat brought a rain of fire down on its instant messaging competition? Has Ello caused enough of a stir to worry the more marketing filled platforms? 

When was the last time someone added you to their Google+ circles?

Let’s see if we can answer at least three of these questions…