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Start Me Up! A profile of Wanderfly

Wanderfly is a New York-based travel startup which recommends holidays and trips based on their interests and budget. 

I've been asking Co-founder Christy Liu about Wanderfly...


Start Me Up! A profile of We&Co

We&Co is a new location-based app that is all about great service. If you receive excellent customer service you can 'thank' those responsible. It's a fine concept, given the importance of customer experience in modern business.

I asked co-founder Ryan Jones to provide us with a lowdown on the app...


Start Me Up! A profile of Adzuna

Launched this week, Adzuna is a social search engine which aggregates job ads from a range of sources, as well as linking with users' Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

I've been asking co-founder Andrew Hunter about the company, its funding and the challenges involved with building it. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Pontiflex

Pontiflex offers what it calls 'a new kind of digital advertising' - sign up ads, with the aim of letting users choose to receive more relevant advertising. 

I've been asking CEO & co-Founder Zephrin Lasker about Pontiflex...


Start Me Up! A profile of Product Wave

Launched by Humbucker Ltd, Product Wave aims to provide an alternative to domain parking and reduce barriers to entry for people wanting to enter the affiliate and website promotion marketplace. 

I've been asking Co-founder Paul Roach about Product Wave... 


Start me up! A profile of email sentiment service Chorus

Chorus is a startup based in Australia which takes sentiment monitoring to another level by allowing customer support teams, marketing departments and PR professionals to analyse and prioritise the emails they receive. 

It helps internal structures and processes to focus on the negative issues first, meaning that customer experience is managed on an intelligent basis, according to severity. 

We caught up with Dave Trindall, one of the co-founders, to discuss sentiment monitoring, delivering excellent customer service, the problems with current email systems and, of course, Chorus itself. 


Start me up! A profile of nToklo

Ntoklo logo Reports regularly show that nothing drives online retail conversions like recommendations from friend, but some businesses have struggled to implement a simple recommendation system.  

We spoke to nToklo, a new product that aims to solve this problem by making the recommendation model truly social.

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Start Me Up! A profile of LoveThis

Launched earlier this month, LoveThis intends to be the place where friends share their recommendations on everything from restaurants to plumbers. 

LoveThis was founded by Alexis Dormandy, former Virgin Group board member. I've been asking Alexis about his new business...


Start Me Up! A profile of Huddlebuy

Huddlebuy is a startup which describes itself as 'Groupon for small businesses'. It's aim is to allow small firms to receive the same bulk order discounts that larger firms benefit from. 

We've been asking Co-Founder Per Larsen about Huddlebuy... 

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Start Me Up! A profile of askalo

German startup askalo (ask a local) is a location based Q&A community which is available in 39 different countries. 

Users can ask a question about local facilities, restaurants etc, and get tips from people with local knowledge.

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Start Me Up! A profile of Crowdbeacon

Described by some as a cross between Quora and Yelp, Crowdbeacon is a location based platform, with an iPhone app already released, and Android versions on the way. 

It provides localised information to users based on what they need and where they are. For example, a user could ask for the best restaurant serving Chinese food in New York, and other users will chip in with their suggestions. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Rapportive

Rapportive is a tool which adds rich profiles for your contacts in Gmail, linking them to profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. 


We asked Rapportive CEO Rahul Vohra about the company...