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Start Me Up! A profile of Netcopy

Launched in 2010, Netcopy aims to create 'digital assets' by bringing publishers' archive content back to life. 

I've been asking the company about its business model and its goals for the future. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Tripomatic

Launched in 2011, Tripomatic is a new website which helps users plan holidays, as well as activities and places to see wherever they go. 

I've been asking the team about Tripomatic... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Shoply

Launched last year, Shoply is a social shopping site which provides a marketplace for small brands and local business looking to sell online. 

I've been asking CEO Liad Shababo about Shoply...

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Start Me Up! A profile of Movellas

Movellas has been described as 'YouTube for ebooks', and it allows writers to upload their poetry, stories and essays to the platform. 

Anyone can create their own 'movella' and it is accessible anywhere, anytime, from a computer, tablet, iPad, iPod Touch, eReader or smartphone.

I asked CEO and Co-Founder Per Larson about the company...


Start Me Up! A profile of Kopi

Kopi is the latest online venture from Philip Wilkinson, who co-founded Keynoir, which was acquired by Time Out last month

Kopi offers monthly deliveries of gourmet coffee to its subscribers.

I've been asking Philip about the new business, how the site was launched in the space of just four weeks, and his plans for future growth. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Elance

Elance is a platform for online work that helps businesses hire and manage in the cloud.

I've been asking VP Europe Kjetil Olsen about Elance's business model and its future plans... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Duedil

Duedil is a UK startup which claims to be the largest database of free company financials in the world. 

I've been asking Founder and CEO Damian Kimmelman about the challenges involved in building Duedil, how the company will make money, and its future plans. 


Start Me Up! A profile of onefinestay

Onefinestay offers its customers the opportunity to stay in an 'unhotel', someone else's house or apartment when they're out of town. It currently offers a number of properties in central locations in London.

I've been asking the company about how the concept works, the challenges involved, and plans for future expansion... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Bantr

Launched last month, Bantr is a new social network for football fans, allowing them to chat with other fans during games. 

Bantr recently secured more than £200,000 in seed funding from private angel investors. 

We asked CEO Peter McCormack about Bantr, the team behind the project, and how it will make money... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Wanderfly

Wanderfly is a New York-based travel startup which recommends holidays and trips based on their interests and budget. 

I've been asking Co-founder Christy Liu about Wanderfly...


Start Me Up! A profile of We&Co

We&Co is a new location-based app that is all about great service. If you receive excellent customer service you can 'thank' those responsible. It's a fine concept, given the importance of customer experience in modern business.

I asked co-founder Ryan Jones to provide us with a lowdown on the app...


Start Me Up! A profile of Adzuna

Launched this week, Adzuna is a social search engine which aggregates job ads from a range of sources, as well as linking with users' Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

I've been asking co-founder Andrew Hunter about the company, its funding and the challenges involved with building it.