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Start Me Up! A profile of CircleMe

CircleMe is a new social network which allows users to collect and discover things they love. 

I've been asking CEO Giuseppe D'Antonio about CircleMe, the team behind it, the business model and plans for the future...


Start Me Up! A profile of Pressat

Pressat is a press release distribution service which uses social media, as well as more traditional channels, to spread the word. 

I've been asking the team about the reasons for launching Pressat, how it will make money, and the company's future plans...


Start Me Up! A profile of cloud.IQ

Implementing an effective multichannel marketing strategy isn’t easy, particularly for SMEs that might not have the resources to trial new technologies.

Cloud.IQ aims to simplify the process by offering businesses a range of plug-in apps that can help to engage customers through different channels at each part of the purchase journey.

They include tools that work across social, SMS, mobile web and email to help improve customer retention and increase conversions.

To find out more, I spoke to cloud.IQ CEO James Critchley...


Start Me Up! A profile of BugMuncher

Launched last year, BugMuncher provides a way for users to provide feedback and bug reports after noticing errors on your websites. 

It was launched by Matt Bearman, a 27 year old website developer from England, who has been building websites and apps professionally for more than five years. 

I've been asking Matt about the reasons for launching BugMuncher, and his future plans for the service. 

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Start Me Up! A profile of LoveThis

LoveThis is a new iPhone app that allows you to share recommendations with friends and store them so you don't forget them at a later date.

You can share recommendations for anything you want, such as products, movies, music or even a good plumber.

To find out more about how it works I spoke to LoveThis founder and CEO Alexis Dormandy...


Start Me Up! A profile of The Professional Copywriters' Network

The Professional Copywriters' Network is a free-to-join membership site for UK commercial writers, aimed at improving the profile of copywriting as a profession and providing a place for writers to network, chat and support each other. 

It was launched by professional copywriters Tom Albrighton and Ben Locker. 

I've been asking Tom, also an Econsultancy guest blogger, about the site... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Shopcade

Shopcade is a trends-based social shopping site which allows users to share, discover and shop trends and products, earning rewards along the way.

It has just added a new feature which lets users shop from Twitter trending topics. 

I've been asking Communications Director Roxanne Varza about Shopcade...


Start Me Up! A profile of The Periscope Post

The Periscope Post is a curated news site which collates the best news and opinion from a diverse spectrum of online sources. 

I've been asking Founder Thomas D. Gommes about the thinking behind the site and how he plans to monetise it. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Buffer

If you read my blog post about new tools for Twitter users then you may already be aware of Buffer, a fine productivity app that helps me to schedule the content I choose to share on Twitter. It's well worth a look.

I caught up with co-founder Leo Widrich, who focuses on customer experience and support at Buffer. He is also the marketing head who works on spreading the word about Buffer through blogging, social media and "other forms of hustle". 

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Start Me Up! A profile of ProofHQ

ProofHQ aims to help marketing teams collaborate on content by digitising drafted design work, print ads, web pages, etc. 

I've been asking CEO Mat Atkinson to explain more about the company, its business model, and future plans.


Start Me Up! A profile of Achoo

Achoo is a social network which allows its users to brag about their achievements and build up a profile which will help attract future employers. 

The site was launched by Andrus Purde, and I've been asking him about Achoo, its business model, the challenges of launching, and his future plans. 


Start Me Up! A profile of

Launched at the beginning of this month, enables individuals and businesses to combine online presentations with video, viewable on demand.

I've been asking co-founder & CEO Spencer Lambert about the challenges of launching, its business model and plans for the future.

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