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Start Me Up! Hero App lets consumers message businesses

Messaging is already the marketing topic of 2016.

Facebook is evolving its platform and WeChat is as successful and fascinating as ever.

Hero is a new app designed to allow consumers to message businesses. We caught up with its founder, Adam Levene.


Start Me Up! allows people to monetize their personal data

Despite consumers becoming more comfortable inputting data online over the past decade, 2015 saw mounting pressure on crappy ad formats, data resellers and unsolicited communication.

It's in this context that launches today, a platform that allows consumers to benefit from giving away their personal data.

We caught up with the team...

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Start Me Up! Machine, a platform that simplifies mobile programmatic buying

We haven't profiled a startup in a while on the Econsultancy blog, but Machine looks so current, we thought we'd get an overview.

Ashley Friedlein identified 'marchitecture' as his number one trend for 2016, with companies needing to articulate their 'marketing stack'. Machine seems to fit in somewhere here.

Heck, it's even got an animated, big-font scrolling-experience for a website.

Here's how the team describe their product...


Start me up! A profile of Parcelly

Parcelly is a delivery service that lets you collect your online purchases at a time and place convenient for you. 

I talked to PR and Marketing Manager Roksana Zinchenko about how far the business has come since its launch in December last year and what the future holds.  


Start Me Up! A profile of GoWashMyCar

GoWashMyCar is an online marketplace which provides mobile car washing services. 

I've been asking the team about the business model, and its future plans... 


Start Me Up! A profile of CornerDrop

CornerDrop is a startup which aims to make click and collect accessible for any retailer. 

I've been asking Suzy Lloyd, the company's Head of Digital & Social to explain the service. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Poq

Poq is a commerce platform for native retail apps. The SaaS platform enables over 30 retailers, including House of Fraser to deliver mobile apps across Android and iOS.

I asked Poq co-founders Øyvind Henriksen and Michael Langguth about the business and their plans for world domination...


Start Me Up! A profile of Earth Bathrooms

Earth Bathrooms is an online-only bathroom retailer seeking to differentiate itself from bricks and mortar showrooms through its commitment to customer service, a larger product range and quality design.

I talked to Shane Quigley, the CEO of Earth Bathrooms about the business and its plans for future growth.


Start me up! A profile of mobile payment app Tipit

Mobile payments are rapidly becoming a mature market, with several major banks and tech companies seeking to grab a share of the pie.

New startup Tipit is bravely taking on the finance giants, focusing specifically on a niche part of the payments market – tipping.

I spoke to founder Renate Kalnina to find out more...


Start Me Up! A profile of ParcelBright

ParcelBright is an ecommerce delivery startup which recently raised $1m in seed funding. 

We've been asking Founder and CEO Daniel Lipinski about the business and its plans for growth...


Start Me Up! A profile of online cookery school Hari Ghotra

The market for online recipes and cooking tutorials is hugely competitive and largely dominated by the BBC and celebrity chefs.

Hari Ghotra is attempting to take on the big players with an interactive cookery school that uses a variety of digital channels including social media, video guides and blogs.

I spoke to Hari to find out more...


Start Me Up! A profile of PeriodBox

PeriodBox is a UK-based premium monthly subscription service that bundles a choice of tampons and pads with hand-picked goodies and treats.

Every customisable box contains a selection of premium teas, artisan chocolate, a range of high-end beauty samples and a uniquely designed gift or art print by a featured artist of the month.

I talked to Mags Sikora and Daniela Luibrand, the co-founders of PeriodBox, about the business and its plans for future growth.