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What will TV look like in 2031?

The year is 2031. Flying cars have just hit the open market, the New York Mets are on the verge of winning their first World Series in forty-five years, and television as we know it has ceased to exist.  

Let’s first imagine that a super smart group of MIT engineers solved all the technical troubles we’d encounter in switching from a broadcast to a unicast model.

The public’s consumption habits now overwhelmingly favor an on-demand format, and each household is equipped with a SmarTV capable of streaming content instantaneously from anywhere on the web.

Traditional channels have fallen in the face of more agile competition from platforms like Netflix and Hulu, or they’ve adapted to HBO Go-esque versions of their former selves.


Five harmful mobile myths

As mobile's prominence has grown, so too have the myths about what it takes to create and execute on a successful mobile strategy.

Given the size of the mobile opportunity, the size of the challenges and the speed with which mobile ecosystems are evolving, it's not surprising that many of these myths are accepted at face value. Unfortunately for companies trying to make mobile progress, some of these myths are detrimental.


As more companies shift to mobile, Spotify discovers the web

For steaming music subscription service Spotify, the web hasn't been all that important.

To play their favorite tunes, Spotify's users fire up Android and iOS apps, or download a Spotify desktop application.

But as the company looks to increase its exposure through social media and partnerships with companies like Yahoo, that's changing.

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Tesco buys music service We7

Earlier this week, Sainsbury's purchased a majority stake in ebook retailer Anobii from HMV for £1 in what was the latest example of a major retailer trying to extend its footprint into the world of digital content.

Yesterday, we saw another example of this same trend as Tesco purchased UK-based music streaming service We7 for £10.8m.

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Q&A:'s Chris Wistow on brands and monetisation

Streaming music online is a competitive business.

Spotify is probably the most recognisable provider, but the likes of Deezer and Grooveshark are also posting strong user numbers.

In order to keep attracting new users, one of the key challenges for streaming services is differentiating themselves from the competition. seeks to do this by tracking user listening behaviour and recommending artists based on their musical tastes. Since launching in 2002 the London-based company has collected 65bn pieces of track data from its users, which is obviously a powerful tool for advertisers.

To find out how makes use of its data and sell its service to marketers, I spoke to commercial director Chris Wistow...

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App review: Spotify for iPad

Spotify unveiled its new iPad app this week, adding to its existing portfolio of iPhone and Android apps.

It's free to download and has graphics that are optimised for the new Retina display.

But to be honest I was surprised that Spotify didn’t already have an iPad app, so was expecting it to offer some remarkable functionality to make it worth the wait.

Unfortunately it doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean that Spotify has dropped the ball with their latest mobile offering...


Music industry agrees to new mechanical royalty rates deal

There is little doubt that digital is the future of music. The CD may not be dead, but it might as well be.

Its replacement for millions of consumers has been digital music services of various kinds, ranging iTunes and the Amazon MP3 Store to Pandora and Spotify.


Spotify launches brand pages with Titanic 3D promotion

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, Spotify is attempting to further monetise its platform by creating brand pages.

20th Century Fox is the first advertiser to sign up, with a page customised to promote the forthcoming release of Titanic 3D.

It encourages users to add their favourite songs from 1997 (the year the film was released) and links to a playlist of number one songs from the 1990s.

The page also features a Facebook-integrated app that allows users to create their own film trailer and include three friends in the credits.


Beats, HTC may launch streaming music service

Despite the woes of the music industry over the past decade, few things are as popular as music. Not surprisingly, that's true on the internet too.

Just how popular is music on the internet? Consider that once-dominant social network MySpace, long written off by many as effectively dead, has managed to attract 1m new users primarily with a revamped music player.

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Facebook rolls out 'Listen With' for socially-driven music sharing

As Facebook continues the charge towards its rumoured-but-practically-confirmed IPO this year, its next trick is a feature called 'Listen With'.

Announced last night, this allows groups of people to listen to the same song at the same time via the social network’s music service. 


Spotify adds 7m new users following Facebook tie-in

Spotify has announced that it has added 7m new users since its Facebook partnership in September.

During a keynote at LeWeb this morning CEO Daniel Ek also revealed that the company has developed a new radio streaming app.

Ek, who confirmed that he had no plans for an IPO, said the new product was similar to Pandora but had unlimited radio stations and skips.

Users will also be able to add songs they hear on the radio to their Spotify playlists.


Spotify's new apps reviewed

Yesterday, Spotify announced a new apps platform, featuring apps from, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and more. 

Whether this apps platform provides ways for developers to monetise their apps is up for debate, but I want to look at the apps released so far, and whether they enhance the experience for Spotify users.